'What Not to Wear' show

ArtsyCraftsyDecember 12, 2002

I just watched this show on BBCAmerica Tuesday nite. It was too funny! These stylists make over an unsuspecting "target" and they get like $3,000 to buy new clothes plus they get a hair & make-up overhaul. I must admit (being a prissy Yank, lol), that some things caught me off guard. But overall, I really liked the show. They are kind of mean, but not cruel, and the women are real-life women, not skinny little things who could wear whatever they wanted anyway. Plus they teach these women what looks good and the women pick out their own clothes, not get stuck with what they might not like.

The woman looked fabu when they got done with her!

Anybody else watch this?


Here is a link that might be useful: What Not to Wear

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What channel is it? Never heard of this. Lots of good advice there, especially those pleated trousers. They make the tummy look big and bulky. But I'm not totally agree with women above 35 should not wear skirt above the knees. I know I look better when my skirt is above my knees, never wear super mini skirt though.

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Hi girls!

I am SO glad you guys are gettin this!! The women are two fashion journalists called Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine; they have achieved almost cult status in the UK for this show!!

The show is fantastic viewing and I have watched nearly every episode and every single woman has looked fantastic afterwards - even if they weren't so keen at first, lol!!

They have now brought out a book which explains the 'rules' they use for choosing clothes, and I have to admit, that they are right every time. I bought a new coat according to the suggestions in their book, and I have never had so many compliments!

It's a great show, and I'm glad that BBC America are sharing it with you!!!

Ed x

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Karen, what "channel" is this one? Is it on PBS?

Edith, what is the name of their book? Sounds like a good one for a Christmas gift...

Thanks, Karen, for the FYI! Sounds like a great show.


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It is on the BBCAmerica channel(BBCA)...I don't know the channel number...maybe 280? We have a DirectTV satellite dish and it is one of the stations we get for free as part of the basic package. I have my 10 favorite stations on "speed dial" so I never remember the channel number, but it might be different depending on what service provider you have. (Don't know what I'd do without my BBCA...I'm a Changing Rooms & Ground Force junkie, too!)
I look forward to watching it next week...Tuesday nights at 10 pm.


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Sob, sob,..... no satellite dish here. :(

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Hi girls

The book is also called What Not To Wear and it's published by BBC Books - you will certainly get it on Amazon.

It's not expensive, and is a nice 'coffee table' book as well as being very useful and interesting.

What I like about it the most is that they are both photographed for the 'rules' - Trinny is tall and thin, with no boobs, and Susannah is bigger, with a bigger bust and short legs. They are both photographed wearing the wrong type of clothes for their body shape on one side of the page, then in more flattering styles on the other so you are easily able to see the difference.

It's a great book, and a great series. Enjoy girls!!

Ed xx

PS I've put a link to the BBC site for What Not To Wear, but if you wanna check out websites for Ground Force & Changing Rooms Karen, check out www.bbc.co.uk/lifestyle


Here is a link that might be useful: BBC What Not To Wear (UK Site)

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I wish we had that channel, I can't tell you how many times I look at my clothes closet and the term FRUMP!!! screams out at me. I don't know if I'm shopping in the wrong stores or I just feel like at my age, 36, I shouldn't be wearing some of the things I see in stores. I have a pretty average body shape, 5'31/2" and about 132lbs, but every time I get dressed I feel like ho hum harriet in a housedress. I need that book!!

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They just aired the fisrt episode of the american version on TLC last night at 10. I think they gave good advice and she looked great in her new wardrobe (she got $5,000 to spend). What I did not like is that they were pretty mean in some of the things they said. You can be harsh in your criticisms but there is no reason to get personally insulting or make wiescracks that poke fun at the person. Like the guy host said this girl (just recently out of college & still dressing like a sloppy student) must have belonged to the sorority "Sigma Sigma Pigma" . Come on...that kind of remark serves no purpose other than to humiliate.


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I saw a little preview of this. If I was the one got makeover I probably will quit during the taping. Very rude.

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I agree they are pretty mean and they expect everyone to walk around like they are some kind of fashion model even at home. If I'm at home watching TV or doing laundry, I will wear my old sweats and torn t-shirts. What I really don't understand is who told that guy that he knows anything about fashion or style. He needs a hair cut and the way he dresses is just what they wont let the "victims" wear.

I do like that they use "real" people of all sizes and shapes. I have gotten a few tips on how to hide what I want to without looking like it.

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I have to say this show(both versions) has really paid off for me. I have been trying to follow "the rules" for my body shape and basically bought an entire new spring/summer wardrobe. Everyone has been asking me if I lost weight (not!! I've actually gained!!) and has complimented my new look. I had a bad habit of hiding under oversized layers and boxy silhouettes. I only wish they'd do dressing for the summer season. It's the hardest for me to figure out...what to wear that is flattering when it's 95 degrees and humid?


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I saw it on Tues night for the first time, and I just loved it--what a great change to see normal women instead of super-thin models.

I want the book, too--

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I liked it, but they needed to help the target dress for a figure with no waist and a little bit of a poochy tummy. She wore some things that were not good for the no waist look. And the see through blouse was no good for the heavy torso at all. The haircut and make up were great.

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My 11 year old daughter LOVES this show. I don't know when it comes on. We just seem to accidentally catch it now and then. She really enjoys me watching it with her.


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mean? Mean is lying to a frump in sweats that she looks just fine like that... she doesn't, but she makes us look better by comparision, and that's 'just fine', isn't it?

what's meaner- putting a girl who needs help on the show- or coming out with 'melrose place' where the 'rest of us' are represented as waitresses and service personell?

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I have watched the show WNTW and think even, is it Denise?, could be given some tips on what to wear. I think it would be better if they went to where their victim lives. That's where she will be buying her clothes, not necessarily in NYC.

They have given some good tips though. Apparently Wayne won't be on the show for the new season.

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I saw that, Cardamom. Looks like his sarcastic approach didn't go over too big. The new season starts Friday. And yes, I think the girl has made a few fashion no-nos herself, but overall she does a good job with the participants.
Chinacat, critiques can be honest & helpful without being cruel & insulting. The whole point of a make-over show is to help the person improve, which can be done without needlessly crushing their self-esteem, or lying and telling them they look good when they don't. Some of the remarks Wayne made were downright nasty, and I noticed he really toned down his comments after a few episodes. No big surprise to me that he has been replaced.


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oh, come on, Artsy- this isn't a makeover show- it's reality TV, everyone on the show knew that coming in, and since they were traiding inevitable public humiliation for a personal consultation and a shopping trip-

isn't that what they applied for in the first place?

face it- designers, artists, and fashionistas are liberally sprinkled with catty little faeries, and ugly women with high opinions of themselves...

what I'm appalled by is how people can be 'surprised' by their behavior, or offended that they've been catted on after having to go through the whole application process...

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Chinacat- IMO, I wouldn't call it a "reality show" (a la "Survivor", "American Idol", "Big Brother", etc.) because there is no competition. It is not a "slice of life" reality show like "Wedding Story" or "Emergency Room Vet". It's a classified as a make-over show, like "Trading Spaces", "While You Were Out", and other "before & after" genre.
Have you ever watched the show? They don't apply for it themselves, they're nominated secretly by friends and family. If they don't want the money, criticism, & the make-over they can tell them to get lost.
But I will restate my point: You can be honest and effective without calling someone names like "pig" or "lard @ss".
Of the episodes I've seen (both UK & American) I've only seen one or two that agreed to it, then truly seemed to be close-minded and reverted back to their same tacky look after the show was over. Most do not act all offended. Most say yeah it hurts to hear the criticism and see their clothes thrown out, but in the end they are glad they went thru with it and they love their new look, the clothes they bought, and what they learned. Several have had tears of happiness at their results or when their family first sees their make-over.

Last night they started the new season'e episode with a new male co-host who did a great job (used to be the senior editor of some men's fashion magazine).
They were very blunt with the woman about her aging "hootchi-mama look", but for the most part I thought they managed to do it without being excessively mean-spirited: "You're beautiful with killer legs, but the clothes are wearing you" "Clothes that are more flowing will flatter your nice figure more than those overly-tight clothes" "It's sexier and more professional to leave a little to the imagination rather than letting it all hang out in front of your customers" "Cheap fabrics look cheap", "over-plucking your brows has detracted from your pretty eyes" etc.
NOT Wayne-ish comments like "OMG, look how fat and lumpy your @ss looks in tacky gold lame...it's hideous!", "What is she thinking- she looks like a $10 ho!", or "That outfit is so ugly it make me want to hurl".
They tried to balance the person's assets against their mistakes- tough love, if you will- not make it a one-sided slamfest. They were phrasing their comments to focus on how to solve the problem, not just the problem itself. She admitted it was hard to hear the criticism, but loved her new look. She still had her old flamboyant personal style, but it was more covered-up and toned-down. She looked vibrant and sexy, not tired and tarty.


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Hi: I watch the show several times a week, and think it is very helpful...and yes, humorous. HOWEVER, I have never, ever seen one woman on it more than about 45 or so. I wish they would have - at least ever so often - one of us people over 60. We are still out here, and not invisible, yet we are so often forgotten. I would love to find some solutions to my questions of fashion for "lively grannies" ! By the way, I wrote TLC about my observation.

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I agree with you triciajune, you never see older woman on this show. Another thing that annoys me is when you see commercials about skins products for aging skin, you only see woman 30 and under in these advertisements.

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