Dishwasher reliability: Would you buy your DW again?

sandyinvaFebruary 13, 2011

I need a new dishwasher.... and have neen totally discouraged by negative posts and consumer complaints I have found all over the internet. So if you LOVE your dishwasher, and its past the warranty period, please sing its praises!

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Miele - have three of them and love em.

You'll find complaints about ALL DW's - none are perfect and / or satisfy everyone's needs.

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I've had my KA for over 8 years and it's still going strong - no problems at all.

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I have a Bosch model SHY56AO5Uc/14 it has now just died again for the 4th time in only 6 years old. I will not fix it again, could have bought a new dishwasher for the amount of money I have paid to have it fixed. Now on the hunt for a new one. Have no idea which to buy, though Bosch are highly recommended on CR I am exteremly leary of this product. I really love my inlaws miele, love the upper level cuttlery tray, but don't want to spend really more then $1200. Any recommendations I would appreciate as well!

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Eight-year-old ASKO BOTL here and it's been great for me. I did have some problems early on related to a messed-up installation (by someone allegedly ASKO-approved). But it's been without incident for the last seven-plus years and it looks like it will go for another seven or more. Cleans well, very efficient of space and water. ASKO doesn't seem to get a lot of love around here, but I would have no problem putting another ASKO DW or washer on my short list if I were shopping.

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Our last one was a Bosch purchased in 2001. It had 2 major issues within a couple of years - one under warranty, and one not. Last year, it had its third and final warranty. When it worked, it worked very well but we're with Miele now.

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Miele Optima circa 2006-07. YES! We would purchase another Miele in a heartbeat.

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Miele Excella now 7 and going strong with no repairs or issues apart from getting it to work well with the whole-house softener.

Bought another Miele (Optima) a year and a half ago for our apartment. It's even better than the Excella. I'm hoping for 10 to 15 years service from the Excella but when it goes, I'm getting another Miele -- the one with the water hardness sensor -- for sure. Unless it outlives me.

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Fori is not pleased

Bought mine twice (2 houses). Only issues were due to a terrible appliance-abusing plumber. Fisher & Paykel. Will get drawers again for usefulness, and no problems with the brand.

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My 90's era Miele still runs like a champ, virtually silently. If it's still running when I remodel, I seriously might let it live out its life before replacing it.

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A four or so year old Bosch, which has been no trouble at all -- it was the top end of the mid range, I think. Take the fact that I don't remember the name or model number as a good sign. From some recent reports I guess I'd have to think about buying Bosch again, but this is my second (one left at a house I sold) and both have been great.

The newer one replaced a no-end-of-trouble F and P drawer system (the 602, not the current model).

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23 year old GE Potscrubber 2800. Can't say I exactly love it, but it still does the job. Noisy by modern standards, despite saying "Quiet Power" on the door. Never needed repair, but I'm not sure you can expect that of units made today.

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6 month old GE MONOGRAM. Love it. No problems so far. Quiet. Cleans very well. Looks great. Perfect for us.

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Yes I would. I have 2 GE Profile DW with stainless steel tubs. One is 5 years old the other is 7. No problems.

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When the kitchen was remodeled in 2006, we first went with a GE Profile dishwasher (about $700). Had for about 10 month. Nothing but problems. The water intake kept making a high-pitch sound, and the rollers in the upper rack kept warping and wouldn't roll.
Lowes gave us credit and we replaced it with an Electrolux Wave-Touch. Had it for 6 week. The hinge springs stuck out further than 24", so they would rub and make noise on the sides of the wooden cabinet. After that, Lowes refunded it all back to us.
Then was without a unit for about 2 years while I researched other brands.
Last summer I went with the Miele Diamante and love it. Haven't had any problems with it, and you can tell the quality is top-notch. Everything comes out clean, love to cutlery tray on the top, and is much quieter than the GE and Electrolux.
I would only buy a Miele dishwasher again.

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Miele 18" Touchtronic 8 years ago. Love it.

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Almost 6 years with my mid-line Bosch - don't recall the model number. It has been fantastic. A real workhorse and a unit I never need to think about. It goes about its job brilliantly - I don't scrape anything other than not putting in chunks of anything into it. But cereals, grains, doughy, eggy, pasta-y bits get in there and come out perfectly pristine. And this despite that I only wash every 3-4 days or so. (As gross as it may sound, I can't bring myself to buy a water-conserving machine and then proceed to expend it washing 4 dishes at a time)

I've read about the rites of passage people have been through with their DW and indeed other appliances. Bosch units including. So, clearly there is a QA factor at play.
You ask if I'd buy the DW again - I can only say that I don't want my unit to die because mine has worked brilliantly with no teething troubles whatsoever. I don't look forward to a new unit - what are my chances that the next one will be as easy for me? But indeed, the top-line Bosch, Miele (also top-line) Asko are again the only units I'd contemplate when I next have to purchase. But instead I'm hoping that my lovely machine will be with me for the next 20 years. :-)

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I bought my first Miele dishwasher (full size) in 1998. Since then, I have had 2 more homes and 2 more Miele dishwashers! The machine from 1998, I sold to my Mom in 2003...she is still using the Miele TODAY! Since 1998, it has NEVER needed one service call, one repair, or one replaced part. It's Amazing.

In 2003 I bought a La Perla Miele dishwasher. Lived in that house until Fall of 2007...FLAWLESS machine. Bought a La Perla again for the new house in Fall 2007, and the machine was again FLAWLESS until I sold it this Feb., 2011.

Just had my new La Perla II dishwasher installed last week. I would NEVER have another brand besides Miele. Simply, IMO...THE BEST!!

I actually have 9 Miele appliances in my home. I just thought about it...I do NOT own a non-Miele appliance!! They are the ONLY company that does their own service. When you call for Miele, they send Miele....Miele van, Miele technicians, Miele equipment, little white booties to cover their professional!

Also, for $200-250, you can extend any Miele appliance with a 5 year MieleCare warranty. Love Miele!!!

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I lived with my first F-P DD for nearly 4 years in my last house --- it was already in the house when I purchased it, so it was way past its warranty period. Loved the DDs so much I installed F-P DDs in my current home when I remodeled it nearly 6 years ago. This set of dish drawers is out of warranty, as well.

I have never had a second of problem with these dish drawers. I love the way they accomodate so many more dishes, and are perfect for entertaining. Love the drawer concept. And they are great cleaners.

I guarantee that you can find negative comments written about every brand of appliance. The key (IMO) is to select a brand that has a strong reputation for performance, quality, ease of maintenance and ease of use....and then be sure to hire an installer who knows how to install your new dish washer so that you realize the performance you want.

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miele - I have a number of miele appliances, but the dishwasher is a workhorse and gets a gold star from me. We run the D/W nearly every day. No problems in the past 2 1/2 years. Everything about it feel solid from the racking system to the way the door shuts.

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I have a KA KUDE60, and I'd buy another in a heartbeat. It cleans great, holds a lot of stuff, has a cutlery rack, and is reasonably quiet.

It replaced a Miele Optima, which had more bells and whistles but didn't clean worth a darn. No more Miele's in my house.

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Had a mid-level Bosch in the last house, for about four years. Wonderful machine. In the new kitchen in the new house, I chose an Asko instead, after reading so many opinions that most Bosch models aren't what they were even a few years ago. The Asko will do, but it's louder and doesn't clean as well as our old Bosch.

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I'm hoping the comments keep coming. We're building a house and I'm starting to research dishwashers myself. In fact, I was ready to put a post up here asking if there were actually any good dishwashers any more! I've been discouraged enough with them that I've actually considered going back to a sink full of suds and washing them by hand again. I hand wash my expensive cutlery and cookware anyway.

My current dishwasher is a KitchenAid that I've had a little over a year. I thought I would move it into the new house but I'm leaving it. At first it cleaned well, consistently. Now it is hit or miss. One time things are squeaky clean. The next time it dries films on things or doesn't actually clean a pan that isn't even that dirty.

It is not user error. We turned the water heater up some more. I make sure not to use hot water while it is running. I use a rinse aid. Cleaned it out with white vinegar wash. Maybe it's the detergents now. (Tried several). Maybe it's the new water restriction usage on appliances now. Many times I have to run the thing twice, so I fail to see what energy and water is actually being saved, and perhaps the water usage restrictions should be focused on lawns and not so much on our dishwashers and such.

Over the past 30 years I've had Maytag, Kenmores, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and now the KitcheAid. I will not be gettig any of those again. It does sound like the Mieles have the most satisfaction so far.

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Detergents are a larger factor than they were in the past, now that they've all gone phosphate-free. The ingredients that replaced phosphates aren't as efficient as handling a range of water conditions. Low-water units are also more sensitive to restrictions in the pump system (clogged macerator screens, for example).

My DishDrawer DD603 is 7 years old. Have had a couple glitches that proved to be false alarms, but no actual repairs.

The 1992 KitchenAid I had previously is soon to be 20 years old and is still in use. My sister is using it, the machine hasn't needed any repairs. My parents had a 1975 KitchenAid for 28 years until the motor/pump bearings went to failing. I know those KA histories don't reflect the current product.

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We just took out a DW that was probably 20/30 plus years old from a rental. An old GE that started to leak. I have an el cheapo DW in another rental; probably Hotpoint or GE. Still working after 20 years. They are loud, use alot of water but washes dishes okay. But these things lasted forever!

Our 10 year old Asko died about a year ago. I loved it while I had it. Although the Asko used a fraction of electricity and water that the el-cheapo DWs use, the lifetime was not nearly as long.

I had a Bosch for less than 1 year. I hated the rack design. I took out a new less than 1year old Bosch and replaced it with a Miele.. The Bosch washed dishes okay but the capacity was so much less than the Asko and Miele that it was not as functional for me. My ILs Bosch of the same era as my Asko is still working but i am sure it runs 1/2 of the cycles as mine given their family size.

I now have a Miele. I like the rack design better. It really holds alot and washes well.

I live in Seattle where the water is soft so DWs and detergents don't have to work as hard. If you live in an area with hard water, that will have a huge impact in your appliance performance.

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KitchenAid, bought last year, good and quiet.

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Yes to the Fisher & Paykel drawers in my city apartment. They've been ideal for that space -- both form and function.

Yes to my La Perla II at the weekend house. Entertain a ton there so all the cycles are valuable and it cleans whatever I put in it. I'm sure it's some kind of elfin magic.

So, that's yes to both in their current locations.

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I have a three yr old kitchen aid top of the line model..piece of XXXX!!! circulation pump either goes out or makes noise, I wont buy it again, nor a Whirlpool/Maytag since they are all under the same Parent company. I sure do miss my Maytag DW from 1986, that thing was a BEAST! Never had an issue with it other than a clogged water line filter screen, no big deal there to replace.

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Had a Kenmore Elite (a couple of models down from the TOL at the time) for about 8 years that I never liked much (did not clean or dry all that consistently) and needed several significant repairs. Enough was enough.

Have had a KA KUDE70 for about a year or so. All good so far. Cleans well, cutlery tray, and really quiet.

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Late 2009 KA KUDS30IVSS. Would not buy it again.

Increasing problems getting it to dispense detergent. It tests fine so the repairmen refuse to replace the dispenser under warranty (for the third time, I might add).

The DW itself is fine when I can get it to dispense detergent, although the new phosphate-free stuff definitely does not clean as well as before. I like the flexible loading (my bowls and baking pans did not fit the Miele), but I'm stuck with A&E Service and have not been impressed with the repairman I got this last time.

Because of the service issue, I would not buy another KA.

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A KA about 6 years old. Self-installed. I bought it to replace a Maytag I could not stand: didn't hold anything I owned. The KA was much more flexible with removable bottom tines that let me get the larger pots and pans inside, plus space for sheet pans.

It's only issue seems to be that over time the wash pressure drops. This is always traced back to a partially blocked pump inlet screen. I have to take it apart and clean it, or remove whatever debris (paper jar labels, etc) that have accumulated over time.

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We bought what was a tol Bosch when we moved into our current house about five years ago. It is the first DW I have actually enjoyed using and is super quiet. We also liked the Mieles, but their rack systems didn't work as well for our dishes.

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I bought the Miele G5775 SCSF and paid the overpriced fee to have Miele do the install directly. This was for a new house. Just moved in and tried to use the dishwasher for the very first time. It immediately went to a lockout state with an error message, and will not even run the very first load. Called Miele and was told it would be 10 days before they could get a tech to even look at it (and I'm hoping he won't have to wait to order parts). Needless to say I'm not at all pleased moving into a new house with a new top-line (supposedly "reliable") dishwasher, then having to hand-wash dishes. Miele's so-called "Concierge Service" is a joke. Don't know if Bosch is any better.

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I've posted this many times over the years... I first owned Fisher-Paykel Dish Drawers in my last house in Virginia. Lived with them for 3+ years, and was so impressed with their versatility and performance, that I purchased new ones when I remodeled my current kitchen in 2005 in this Utah home. Eight years later, I still love these dish drawers. I've not had any trouble with them, they clean wonderfully, they're perfect for entertaining... you can get so much in 2 drawers vs one dishwasher. If I were to move to another home, I'll purchase F-P DDs again.

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We have had our Kenmore Elite (AKA Whirlpool) for I am not even sure how long now but at least 9+ years and never had a single problem with it.
In fact not only no problems but it still looks basically new because it is all stainless interior.

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Single tall dish drawer. Love it. Run it more often and getting used to that, but often holds all our daily 'favorites' and all goes in and out easily and many times straight to the table setting for the next meal.
No longer waiting a couple days to fill...and disliked running a half load in the past. No bending over, easy to put in a few coffee cups or breakfast silverware with it just open 6-8 inches. We tended to overfill at first getting used to how to load efficiently. Now we just run it ever night and un-load with morning coffee brewing. Very quiet. We don't use plastic so it cleans and dries just fine.
(reviews were never good and strange but often installed wrong and many do not read their manuals and do not follow basic suggested cleaning and loading tips)

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Sleevendog, what brand is yours?

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I have a Kenmore Elite (Whirlpool/Kitchenaid)13183. It cleans OK, is reasonably quiet, but its had its share of problems. I've replaced:

High temp fuse
Soap Dispenser
Drain pump

and I've had to have the front panel off a number of times for minor issues. It also has a problem with not draining fully, though I've hopefully conquered that one by cleaning out the drain hose connections and replacing the drain pump. The racks have taken a beating, and seem much more fragile than other racks I've had in much less expensive dishwashers. Next time this one goes belly up, I'll likely replace it. With something else.

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I ultimately bought a Kitchen aid with stainless steel drum Kuds30IXBTI ...and maybe those I's are 1's? I began this post almost 4 years ago. If I had been independently wealthy, I would have purchased a Miele. Most Miele DW owners would buy theirs again.

I am happy to say that I have no problems whatsoever, other than it one minor incident that was resolved by a phone call to KA. I like the space on the top level, it's deeper than what I had before. I live alone and do not use it everyday.

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Love my 5 year old Miele DW, no problems, love the tray

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I know I'm a latecomer to this thread, but it's a good topic. The house I bought 6 years ago came with a Miele Novotronic DW. At first I was put off by the cutlery rack at the top, and still don't like having to "arrange" all the flatware, but the unit has been very good at washing, and it's pretty quiet. It has a fan that evacuates the steamy air through the door at the end of the cycle, so dishes are fairly dry. I don't think any new model offers this.
But the experience I have had with Miele technical service on the phone deserves a special mention. They are quick to pick up, knowledgeable, patient and very polite. They will walk you through your problem and offer the appropriate solutions, most of which you can carry out yourself. Once you've made your first call, you're in their system. Best customer service I've ever encountered!
Further, Miele excels in easy-to-fix design. Most owner-serviceable items (and there are several) can be easily removed and replaced - many without any tools. Some require a Philips screwdriver or a pair of pliers.
I'm about to remodel my kitchen but the old dishwasher is going to stay. If it ain't broke, don't ditch it!

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Fori is not pleased

I've now bought mine a third time.

I had a control panel go out but service was fast and painless. I won't get another when I remodel...I'll just move this one. :)

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I've read that dishwasher standards changed in 2012 -- that's why the two hour wash seems so prevalent. My 17 year old GE Profile is on it's last legs. I've been searching for a year for one that I can afford (

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Check out the new Bosch d/w's that were introduced this past summer. The rack spacing is much improved with wider spacing and you can also get a 3 rack model at around the $700 range

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Still love my single tall dish drawer, F&P . I run it more often, but use the settings recommended.
I use a lighter setting with cuisinart and juicer parts when doing alot of prep once a week, and a heavier setting for a meal of plates, glasses, cups, metals, dog bowls, etc.
I was discouraged by reviews but have not had an issue.

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I appreciate the info shared by all. I haven't found a Miele or Fischer-paykel yet, will need to internet search for a local dealer. If north of $900, probably too much for my pocketbook.

I am replacing a 15 year old GE profile that ran flawlessly until the pump seal died and I could not get a replacement pump housing anymore.

As an owner of thin white Corelle dish ware and baking pots, I have more flexibility than most. I am amazed how weak the roller trays are on many of the upper and lower racks on today's mass produced dishwashers. The only one we found so far with a solid upper glide system and lower robust wheel assembly is the GE profile versions at $750 and up in price that pretty much have to be special ordered.

Anyone have a favorable recent experience with the PDWT280VSS ($749) or better yet GDT720 ($809 first quote). If so, what did you pay about?


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We bought a Jenn-Air DW last year and, as of now, I would absolutely buy it again. I love how it cleans anything and everything I've thrown at it, I love how quiet it is, and I love how easily the racks roll in and out.

I am hoping that I'll still be this enthusiastic five years from now and beyond.

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Sail-away, which Jenn-Air DW did you get, if you don't mind me asking. I've been looking at a white Trifecta 8500 due to the clean lines.
Thanks so much ~

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Former GE Profile dishwasher owner here. Had a good 15 year run before the pump seal failed and I could no longer get the part ($150) to fix it. Have had a good KitchenAid refrigerator and KitchenAid convection range experience. However, read enough here to go with a Miele G4225 dishwasher for $899, that is very basic, but most importantly I hope will give me a 10-15 year favorable ownership experience, as overall reliability was my first priority.

Best of luck in your dishwasher decision.


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Sorry, I didn't see your question until today. We got Model No. JDB8700AWS.

We bought a JennAir wall oven and cooktop, as well, which meant we got our DW for free. The free DW was actually one model below this (sorry don't know the #), but the only difference was that this one had the extra third rack for silverware. We paid an additional $300 to upgrade to this model so we could have the third rack. Just to look at it, the next model down looked exactly the same (except for not having the third rack) and the racks rolled in and out just as easily. However, I remember that the one we got was rated as a bit quieter than the one that was offered for free---not enough to make a significant difference, I don't think---but maybe that indicates that there are some other unseen differences between the two. Visually, KitchenAid also had a couple dishwashers that looked just like the JennAir, but I don't know if there is any difference in their build.

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