Frownies - anyone tried 'em?

Carrie BDecember 6, 2009

I have ever deepening frown lines, those :: (or more like /\ in my case) type lines between my eyebrows. I've tried to get used to them and welcome the signs of aging - I'm 44 and I don't mind "looking my age" as long as I'm healthy and take good care of myself. I don't really mind the crows feet or the lines on my forehead, but the frown lines really bother me.

I don't want to take any drastic - or expensive action - I won't do Botox or plastic surgery. I recently did an Online search for information, and came across this product: Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes. The reviews, while mixed, are generally positive. It seems that the product works. Reviews say not to expect immediate and lasting dramatic change, but as long as you use the product regularly, you will see a lessening of lines.

I'm wondering if anyone here has tried them. I ordered a box, and will give it a go. They're not very expensive, and I figure they're worth a try. If any of you have experience with Frownies, or any other non-invasive product for frown lines, I'd be interested in hearing your experience.

If anyone here is interested, I'll post updates after I've been using them a few weeks.

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I've had frown lines since I was a teen (too much squinting before I got glasses). I would be interested in reading your experiences with these -- thanks.

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I tried them a few years ago, and if I remember correctly, I *DID* see a slight improvement in some of my more "saggy" lines. But it was a temporary effect and when it became a bit of a bother to put them on every night --- not to mention how silly I felt wearing them --- I stopped and the lines all came back.

I'm looking forward to reading about your experience, though.


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sorry, carrieb, I should have called the trouble by name.

I got so distracted by the spam that I forgot to say...

Years ago, maybe in the 1970's, some magazine had an interview with Rose Kennedy, & he said she'd been using frownies for years.

If I remember, Mrs Kennedy was over 100 when she died...
& she looked pretty good.

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Carrie B

My apologies for jumping right into defensive mode!

It's been six or so weeks that I've been using Frownies - one right between the eyes every night, and there does seem to be some improvement. It's hard to tell - my frown lines are very deep and, while the improvement is dramatic when I take the Frownie off in the morning, the effect diminishes throughout the day.

I find them easy and comfortable to use (after an initial adjustment period) and, since I live alone, I don't have the consideration of other people in my household thinking I look funny.

If this post is still up on the first page in a month or so, I'll post again with a further update.

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