Who Uses AVON Products and......

jbkiddDecember 2, 2006

what products of theirs do you like the best. Years ago I always used Avon but then started using other products. I believe they have quite a few new products out now for aging skin and was wondering if anyone has used them and how do they compare to over the counter products.

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I used to have a few of their products and they were good for the price; I don't know anyone who sells avon now.

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Hey i have tried Avon products and its amazing.. i liked the lipstick which i bought its cherry blossom colour it had a gloss as well... yup i agree its reasonable...

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I like the Anew products and the products for aging skin.

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Mitchdesj you can buy avon products online. I havnt bought avon in years. In another post someone mentioned their anew products. I am thinking about trying the new eye cream.

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Avon was inovative in developing alpha-hydroxy skin care. There are so many other companies using this now though.

Avon was being sold at the malls in my area for a while but I haven't seen the Avon kiosk for a while. (Tupperware was being sold at the mall kiosks for a while also.)

You can look in your local phone book for a represenative in you area. I live in a large metropolitan area, and there are many Avon reps listed in the phone book. If you are in a rural area you may not be able to get a rep to deal with on a one on one basis.

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I personally like the Avon Anew products. They seem mild. My skin has always been sensitive. Even antiperspirants cause me to itch.

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I have been using Avon for over 10 years with wonderful results. I especially like their Anew line which is their anti-aging skin care brand. What's great about this line is that Avon breaks these products down by age category (for women in their 20s, 30s etc.) so there is no guessing as to which one is right for you.
I also really really like their Skin So Soft body and bath care line. My favorite is the Renew and Refresh line, which makes my skin feel incredibly soft and silky.
I could go on and on because there are so many Avon products that I like. In fact I like their products so much that I recently became a representative for them, and I'm really excited. So, I hope you don't mind if I leave a link to my Avon web site; http://www.youravon.com/ereape

I would love to help you find your favorite Avon Products too!
Ella Marie

Here is a link that might be useful: Ella Marie's Avon Site

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