help identifying china cabinet

viqueantiqueAugust 29, 2012

please help! i inherited this from my grandmother. it is very large, measuring about 76" across and with four glass cabinet doors in the top portion.

i don't know when it was made but i think it may be broyhill because there is other furniture in the apartment which is broyhill. i haven't found a label or other identifying feature on it. i would love to learn more about who manufactured it, its age, and its value. thank you!

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Have you checked the drawers to see if a name is stenciled somewhere on them?

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Great suggestion - it is made by Bassett. I can't seem to find a similar one online. I searched for "Bassett china cabinet" or "Bassett breakfront". What is the market for something like this? How can I find out its value?

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Its value is that of used furniture: what someone is willing to pay in your location. In my location it might be a couple hundred dollars tops, because other vintage styles are more popular.

It may be the picture but the top and chest finishes appear to be slightly different. They look like they are a pair but possibly put together at different times? The lower half is much shinier.

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I agree, Pal. Also the design on the columns between the doors and drawersais different. I susect it's a married set.

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