antique Chippendale dining room set value

mcbatesAugust 4, 2011

I have a friend who is trying to figure out the value of her mother"s Chippendale dining room set so that she can sell it. Can anyone help establish a value?

The album password is "chippendale"

Thanks for any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chippendale furniture

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Your private album requires a password. Not interested.

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The password is chippendale. See the original post.

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Not sure about the antique part.....why not say "Chippendale style" them you would be correct. Looks like about 1960 or 70 era to me, no "antique value" but it's a lovely set....just second hand furniture. Is it just a table and chairs? no buffet?

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Nice set ... but she needs to examine every part of it for maker's marks. It will sell for whatever they sell for in your area as "used furniture", so knowing the original maker and approximate vintage is critical.

It has something about it that doesn't say "1930s" and it is most definitely not from the early 1800s.

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When did her mother get married? Did her parents have other vintage (to them) furniture? That might help narrow it down.

My initial feeling based upon the color of the finish is that this set is perhaps 50 years old at the oldest. It is nicely done for what it is. There is usually at least some kind of stencilled or chalked information on the undersides of furniture of this period even if it is not a label. Often the company's designation of the finish.

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This is anecdotal information but I plugged in "Chippendale" and "20th Century" to an antique-vintage website I look at and this lighter Walnut looking finish did not appear on any of the pieces earlier than those designated as "mid-20th-century" or "circa 1960".

The Chippendale style from the inter-war eras was dark mahogany and the styles prior to 1920 or so were also very heavy and Victorianized versions of Rococo.

This proves nothing about the age but gives a general idea that about 50 years old or less is a good guess. How much someone will pay for it is highly regional.

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You don't show anything but a partial view of the back of the chairs and a small part of the table. Not enough to make a judgement about anything. Also, if there is any information, like the name of the manufacturer, this should be furnished before you ask someone to give an opinion. Unless you're playing a game of gotya.

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Someone....did you look at all the pictures?
I believe it's a very nice quality 1960's Chippendale style table and chairs.
And frankly, unless you find something like Kittenger or Hickory Chair...I don't think it matters who the manufacturer was.
It's beautiful furniture, but not antique.
Linda C

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I'm casually looking daily at Craigslist for a dining room set. The prices around here for such a nice looking but not antique set are typically posted at around $1,000-$1500. Whether people actually get that price or have to negotiate lower is another thing. A whole lot of people are unloading formal dining room furniture, it seems, so there's a lot for sale.

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Fori is not pleased

Like Marita, I've been looking at craigslist for dining stuff, and where I am, sets like that are often under $500 (which seems a crime!). Maybe they're not trendy right now. That set looks to be in particularly nice condition.

And then you see the oversized newish sets from people losing their McMansions offered for so much more, and they look so bad in comparison...

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There was someone on the Decorating board a few weeks ago who was asking about a double pedestal table and if a couple hundred dollars was too much. It was Sherrill or someone like that and the current (slightly more elaborate) version of the table lists for $9000. If you want traditional vintage furniture, there are deals to be had. Even the genuine, early 19th c. stuff (unless it's an important piece with provenance) is going for low prices at auction in my area.

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Linda C; My niece in Colorado bought a table and chairs from an estate and asked me tell them if they made a good buy. Maybe similar to the question the OP asked about the value of their furniture. I'll tell you what I did so you can learn something and it might be useful to you in the furture.
I ask my niece if there was a manufacturers name on the bottom of the table. She found one and told me the name. I googled the name and lo and behold, there were about ten sites that were selling and buying this particular furniture. I found the year it was made and the price the furniture was selling for. This was not a well known factory. I believe this is the information the OP was asking for.
Apparently you have never done this, so you might try it some time. I believe this might be better than a guess; or not

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