Still loving Estee Lauder Idealist?

EdithUKDecember 3, 2002

Hi all

I was just wondering whether those who were using Idealist were still loving it as much as we all were when we started using it??

I am! I still can't believe there is anything that can make my skin so smooth and velvety!!

Shame it's sooooo expensive, but I guess it's worth it?

-ed xx

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oh im so sad. i ran out last week. ugh, it's close to $70 so i'm gonna hope that i get it for x-mas!!! :) it made my skin sooooooo touchably silky! i think it really made my pores seem smaller too. it's def. on my wish list! :)


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Yep, I know what you mean jez, that silky smooth skin was something I thought I'd never have, but with Idealist, it had happened!!

I think I must have bought mine around the same time as you, bcos I ran out about 2 weeks ago...but EL were having a major advertising campaign for it here in the UK, and were giving away little samples stuck on their advert in magazines. Since I am such a magazine addict, I got lotsa those little sachets! So, I carefully cut the corners off and squeezed the Idealist from the sachets and into my bottle again! And you know what? I must've had about 5 and there was quite a lot once I had done, the bottle was about a third full - and all for free!!

Jez, email me with ur address and I'll send you a few - enough to keep u going until Xmas anyways!!

-ed xx

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I've only been using Idealist for about month, and I can't believe the difference. I have oily skin, and at first I thought no way would it help without making me more oily. I'm glad to say I was wrong. It's great. I went ahead and bought the big bottle. Even though it cost a bundle, it's worth it and that one little 'pearl' makes it last. The department store saleslady told me it's only offered by EL once a year. Have any of you heard the same? It's also on ebay. From those I've seen, the price on ebay with the s&h would save about $10. Anyone use the cleanser Perfectly Clean, and Clear Difference, which is applied after Idealist long enough to have an opinion on them? What do you think?

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