Odor problem in feminine areas!

juliyaDecember 28, 2007

Hi girls,

Yesterday my boyfriend told me that I have odor problem, I shocked!!! Then I checked all my body parts and felt that I really have odor in some of my feminine areas. Now I am taking shower with good water pressure but it does not affect. Does anyone have any idea that what should I do? Thanks!

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wonder if yogurt would help?

I know it's wonderful for preventing yeast infections (especially useful when you have to take anti-biotics, which destroy your "good" bacteria.)

Wear white cotton undies, sleep without undies, use natural soap without perfumes & such, don't wear tight, binding jeans.

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there's a special wipe recommendation coming..... stay tuned !!!

good suggestion though, Sylvia.

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Sylvia, that is great advice for preventing infections. A lot of people do not know about the yogurt method.

People, make sure you are buying REAL yogurt and not some of the junk sold at the grocery store chains that is geletain and flavoring being passed off as yogurt. Read the label for the words *live culture*. You can also buy Kefir at the health food stores or just the culture.

Unfortuanately, once a woman has an odor problem such as our shill spammer describes, one should seek out a doctor as it is more likely to be Gardnarella or Trichomoniasis, each producing STRONG distinct odor unique to the respective infections. These infections need to be treated with prescription medication and not with any 'fancy wipes' that are sure to follow in subsequent spammer posts.

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Personally, I think this is a topic more suited to the health forum.

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