Can anyone give me info on this heavily carved cabinet ?

eastwestgrilleAugust 10, 2014

Got it at an estate sale over the weekend. Any info on period and value will help please. Thanks

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Could you take another pic of the front? Sit on the floor and snap one of the front carvings. Also maybe one close to the wood. Being able to look at an open door would help too.

Not being able to see the grain, I am thinking it might be walnut. It could be oak. The Brits used a prolific amount of walnut, but also used oak on older pieces. From what I can see, it looks British. Definitely pre 1900. The two tab like braces on back indicates there is a missing top. These pieces were often used as a 'breakfront'. Or, a man's chest. It is too masculine for a female.

Just so hard to tell from pic. Whatever it is, it has lovely carving on it. If you paid less than $50, I think you got one heck of a bargin.

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Just a guess but I suspect the "tab-like braces" are in fact speakers for the TV.
...And a look at the close up in this poster's other thread confirms it.

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They are speakers. I could not find any indication there was a top on it at one time. I paid 100 bucks for it.

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Please bring in some brighter lighting and a better camera ... it's a dark brown blob in your pictures. The subject matter and details of the carving and species of wood are important for a good ID>

$100 is a DEAL! You couldn't get a Walmart TV stand for that.

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is the top hinged? if so, open it up and let us see inside, be sure to focus your pic.

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