benetint vs o-glow vs tarte cheek stain

JamieDecember 22, 2007

Any preferences among these?

I have pale skin with dark eyes, brows, and non-pale lips.

I'm in a powder free stage at the moment, using only a tinted moisturizer. I just ran out of an old gel blush that I like called Flame Glow or Natural Glow, which seems not to be available any more. I probably need a change of color anyway.

I like the consistency of the gel - I can push it around to where I want it - and if I make a mistake it is easy to remove from where I don't want it while it is still wet. It looks like skin rather than powder. It stains, so I have cheeck color all day, which I like. It has a bit of body too it, and I was wondering if the Benetint, which appears to be liquid, would be just too thin and watery.

If you have tried the Benetint, O-glow, or Tarte Cheek Stain, do they work okay over tinted moisturizer?

Anything you like, dislike, or have observed about the color they turn, the way they go on, the staying power, or??

Thank you.

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I use Benetint. It comes in a bottle with a tiny brush. I found it to be too watery to blend nicely and too pink and artificial looking with my pale skin tone. It only comes in one shade. It looks better when my skin is a bit tanner in the summer. At $28 for a teeny tiny bottle, I will not purchase this again. You can use it on lips for a tint if you do not care for the greasey, glossy look lipstick has, but it does not stay all day as it is easily washed off with water or beverages that are drunk.

No experience with the other two products you mention.

Clinique use to make a gel style liquid cheek tint in a bottle that I loved, but they discontinued it and replaced the item with a similar product that I don't care for as it has more satuated color and looks artificial on me but you may have different results with your skin. It is a 'mousse' style cheek tint in a jar.

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