need neo-angle shower, where to find reviews?

foodfiend_gardenerJanuary 17, 2012

After over a year looking for a contractor, we finally found one that we trust to put an addition onto our house. This addition will contain a bathroom, and one of the fixtures we will need is a neo-angle shower.

I have seen first-hand the horrible mess that a substandard or low quality shower can make when it starts to leak and I don't want this to happen to me!

We have looked at Lowes and at Home Depot and one we found that we could "try out" (stepping inside to test the strength of the base, repeatedly opening and closing the door, etc.), one that we both liked was an Aqua Glass 42" neo-angle. However, I looked at online reviews and they were terrible! Now, I am taking into consideration that some of these people did not use the correct base with the doors, or they were older reviews and the latch that was said to have failed so many times is not longer on the doors (they were replaced with a newer magnetic closure), or that the installation may have been faulty, but how on earth will I know this for certain?

Our local Lowes has decreased the number of items which they carry, preferring to sell online. Home Depot seems to be heading in the same direction. I don't want to buy something unseen, so are there other sites which will may possibly have reviews of shower units? I tried epinions, but there wasn't anything very helpful there.

If anyone has a thought on this subject, or a recommendation, please let me know!

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Most prefab neo angle units are pretty darn awful. They deserve every bit of their negative reviews. If you want one that will last, then the best way to do this is to construct one yourself custom.

However, I have to tell you that the main reason that neo angle units are used is space saving and I find most of them horribly confining because of the corner being cut off. Trying to wash your hair in one is an exercise in not bruising your elbows. If there is any way to have a regular sized shower in this remodel, do whatever you can to jettison the neo angle.

If you are putting an addition on to your house for this, you want at least a real master sized shower unit in it. 42"x60" would be the minimum I'd consider acceptable in a new construction.

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Thanks for your opinion. We are adding a new room for this bathroom, but are limited in the size that it can be. Since my husband and I want a nice-sized whirlpool (he is 6'4"), we decided to use a neo-angle shower in a corner and have the whirlpool on the only "long" wall.
We both did step into the 42" neo-angle Aqua Glass shower that I mentioned above and, although we realized that it would be a little tight, decided that it would be good enough. Now I wonder if we can change the design a bit and put in a corner whirlpool and a "regular" shower (he might balk a little since the corner whirlpool would be shorter...).

I've wanted a second bathroom in this house for years, but now am wondering if I'll make it through this with any sanity left! ;)

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Sophie Wheeler

I HATE a neo angle shower. It's OK for a guest bath that rarely gets used, but for a main daily use bath, you'll be cussing it by the first week. You will use a shower FAR more often than a whirlpool. Like maybe 20:1 more often. Create the roomiest best shower that you can and let the tub adapt to what's left after you do the shower.

Post your potential layout here and see what tweaks the multiple minds of GW can suggest. There might be a way you could successfully have both.

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If you had done a search you would find 34 threads in this forum that have information about neo-angle showers. I've linked to one of them where I posted a couple of times and included a photo of ours, which is in the master bath suite.

A neo-angle is useful for specific configuration issues. It has worked very well for us. I think I mentioned in the linked discussion thread that we went to a kitchen and bath showroom and were able to try out both a 38" and 42" neo-angle (these were custom tile surrounds and pans, which we were not interested in - we just wanted to try the sizes).

I am 5'6" and overweight, my DH is 5'11" and 185 lb. The shower fits us just fine. It isn't the roomiest in the world, but it is sufficient room that we don't knock an elbow against the glass while showering. We do not feel constricted or uncomfortable in any way.

The 38" felt MUCH more cramped. It would have been nice to have a 48" neo-angle but that wasn't possible due to structural considerations.


Here is a link that might be useful: Neo-angle shower photo and discussion

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Thank you very much, jkom51, for the link! I didn't do a search because I posted initially after a very frustrating day of "shower shopping".

I really don't want to change the layout (even though DH is an architect, we already have the price based on that particular configuration and the contractor is starting in the next day or two). I also brought up "we'll use the shower fifty times more than the whirlpool" but he wants the whirlpool in a certain location because of window placement and he wants to soak and look at the deer grazing in my garden at the same time...

This is not our main bathroom. We live in a 140-year old house with one upstairs bathroom, and this is a much needed second. We have put up with a huge cast-iron bathtub with a hand-shower for the last 25 years, so ANY size shower where we can stand up will be wonderful!

I just worry that we will make a wrong decision on the manufacturer, that the unit will leak and there will be mo customer support, etc. It's all unknown territory.

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My vote would be to stay the hell away from and shower door from Lowes or HD. Go to a local glass company the does showers and you will end up with a much better unit with less problems, and if it does leak and they installed it call them back. Personally i feel the wrong decision would Eb to use Lowes, HD or any box store!

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A properly installed shower won't leak. I believe many people here recommend the Kerdi system for tiled showerpans.

My DH hates tile so we went the cultured granite route. Boy, is that thing solid! It took three men to carry it into the house and set it in place!

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I recently ordered neo-angle shower components made by Maax - an acrylic base and sliding glass doors. The walls will be tiled. I went to a plumbing supply showroom where it seems you can get better quality materials than at the big-box stores. My shower hasn't been installed yet, so I can't give you a review, but I have heard good things about Maax.

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Post your layout! What have you got to lose? (Except a too small shower.) There are a lot of soaking tubs that are 4' now. Look up Japanese soaking tubs. There are ways to get what you need as well as what you want.

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I have the same issues that you did back in January! (husband wants 2 person tub, I want tiled shower, limited space but just enough for corner tub and neo-angle shower.) How did you resolve it ultimately? (Hope you're still visiting this site!)

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