Bare Minerals

Wanda_ETXNovember 24, 2002

Is anyone out there using Bare Minerals? It's sold on QVC and apparently at some stores in the West.

I've use it for several months now. I like it, but I've noticed a lot of dryness. I use a moisturizer first and let it dry before applying the Bare Minerals.

I purchased their liquid Bare Vitamins for the face, but didn't see any improvement.

I do have sensitive skin, but they say it's for everyone.

Has anyone else used it for any length of time??

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I started using Bare Minerals about 4 months ago. I also purchased through QVC. I really love it (I'm 50). When I first started using it I did find that it irritated my face a bit but after a few times of using it the sensation disappeared. I got the med. foundation and the warmth face color which I like to combine together and get a nice suntan look. I also like the bisque for covering up any blochiness and blemishes and sun spots we get with age. It is amazing how little you need to use. I haven't found it to be drying to my face. I use a good moisturizer(Avon's Anew) and have no problems with dryness. I do make sure I remove my makeup before bedtime and use a good night time moisturizer then also. I didn't feel that I got all that good a deal through QVC and am considering, when I start to run low on my foundation, ordering the kit through the infomercial so I can get all the brushes along with the makeup.

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I'm reviving this ancient thread because I've just tried Bare Minerals (a.k.a. Bare Escentuals; i.d.Bare Escentuals; Bare Essentials).
THIS IS AN AMAZING, MIRACLE-PRODUCT. I've tried countless high-end liquid foundations & actually I just bought a new one a few months ago (Fresh) which is the best I've ever used. Now I'm bummed that I have a $42 bottle of the stuff & I'll never use it again.

I've been running across articles about Bare Minerals for a while, and like everyone else, I didn't buy it - literally. There's no way a powder could cover freckles & age spots & broken capilaries the way they claimed it could. Well, it does. And it really and truly makes your skin absolutely flawless & like you're wearing no makeup. I took the suggestion of someone on this site to order some samples first ( I ordered samples of Jane Iredale, Monave and Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals has a perfect match for my skin color. Makes sense, because this is the best known (most used?) of the three.

After determining my shade, I did some surfing and found an amazing site for ordering this stuff: You have to act fast to take advantage of their special MAY Offer; 25% off ALL Bare Minerals products AND free Priority Mail shipping! If you go to the site, you'll see many kits with various shades of foundation included. I bought the "Bare Basics Foundation Kit w/video." This kit is available with a variety of different foundations, and the video is very helpful. I could go on & on about this stuff. If anyone has any questions, ask away & I'll get back to you. (Hey, I'm not making any commissions on this stuff. It's just so incredible that I wanted to spout off about it.)

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I've been using this product almost a year. This is the best!! I can apply this so fast!! There are no sticky feeling like regular foundations. And coverage is great.
I'm so glad that my friend introduced me to this product. Even the days I don't go to work,just a quick touch of foundation make a big differrence.
I haven't had bad break out on my face either.
First week when I tried this i had a bit of itchie feeling on the face but it went away after few days, if anyone is curious about this it's worth a try!!

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Quick question: Has anyone purchased the Bare Minerals portable compact? How is it - messy or terrific? And what about the brush that comes with it. It doesn't look like it would be nearly as good as the regular-sized brushes.

I'm thinking about buying the compact, but I feel as tho I'd also have to bring a regular brush in my purse too. AND, I'm not sure if I'd put Mineral Veil or my foundation powder in the compact. Any advice?

P.S. I recently had my photo taken (w/Ralph Nader, thank you very much) and my skin looks air-brushed! Seriously. It is flawless & with perfect coloring; absolutely magazine-like.

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I'm curious about this, would you say Bare Minerals is light, medium, or full coverage?

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I ordered the starter kit. Comes with two foundation colors, mineral veil,warmth and great brushes. I feel it accentuates my pores instead of hiding them. So, I use my regular liquid foundation from Revlon, then apply the mineral veil and warmth. This seems to work well. The mineral veil and warmth stay put and help to give a flawless look. I do know that Jane Ireland? products offer a liquid foudation as well as the mineral powder. I might try it, next time I visit the dermatologist. This kit also came with the travel compact to carry the mineral veil. I haven't tried it out, yet.

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I think the coverage would be called medium. It's more than a tinted moisturizer, but you really don't look "made-up". Also, the more you use, the more coverage you get.


I have the same problem with large pores. I find if you use a foam makeup wedge to go over the area, the pores sort of "fill in" and are minimized.


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Thanks Ellen. I'll give it a try.

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I ordered the starter kit, it's fun stuff I think, and the brush quality is excellent.

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I've been using bare Minerals for a couple of months now and I love the product. I have what I guess is a slight case of rosacea or redness on my cheeks.

When I put the product on in the morning, it covers it beautifully. However, by after early afternoon, the red starts showing through.

I am using the fairly light and light with warmth and veil. I'm also using the concealer brush and the kabuki brush which were suggested to cover better.

Do you have any additional suggestions?



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Anne, try eliminating the Warmth.

I use the same foundation colors. I have enough natural color in my cheeks and don't need the Warmth.

Try the following, it works great for me and lasts all day.
A very light dusting of Veil.
Bisque (concealer).
Foundation color
To finish: repeat Veil.


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Are you inhaling dust from the product when you use it? That's what worries me.

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I got my B.E. almost 2 months ago and I love it!! The skin rev-er upper was irritating my skin so my esthetician told me to use it maybe two times a week. Since I did that I haven't had a break out(like I did before having B.E.). I've gotten a bunch of stuff and the best part of all is that my hubby THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!! doesn't mind me getting more makeup. He says that it looks nice.

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hi everyone

This is my first post. Can anyone tell me where can I get coupons or a special offer for this product. I am looking for a good foundation plus compact powder.

Thanks a lot

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Socks, it isn't "dusty" per se. I think the ground mineral must be heavy because it doesn't create a cloud of dust. The Mineral Veil finishing powder is the only item that contains cornstarch and even it isn't "dusty". I'm very sensitive to that sort of thing and to any allergens, and these minerals (titanium dioxide mainly) are inert and hypo-allergenic.

Jyo, QVC has specials now and then. I checked their site and they will be having Bare Minerals "on air" on March 28. That's when they'll usually offer some introductory specials. I don't think they offer a packed, compact-type item. Maybe one of their other lines has something you'd like. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on anything you buy.

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IF Bare Minerals irritates your skin try a brand that does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride such as Aromaleigh or Monave.

Many women are irritated by the Bismuth and give up on mineral make up because of it. Which is a shame because it is wonderful.

I use Aromaleigh and have had excellent results. Even improvement of my Rosacea.

These brands are far less expensive too.

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Lots of great tips. I love BM and enjoy playing with all the colors, mixing will double the fun.

I bought most of mine collection on QVC, but Sephora does carry it also.

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a friend of mine bought me a sampler of mineral veil. I love this. I haven't yet purchased any of the BE products yet but I want to. I have very combo skin and oily around t zone but the last year I am more oily on forehead around hairline. I was using Mary Kay medium coverage and love it but I am so finicky about toxins and the ingredients in items and what they do individually to a person so I was using Nicole Miller through Melaleuca. The creme to powder just meshed with the oily skin so I cannot use that anymore. My question is.... Are any of you on the club membership? I have used this mineral veil sample for almost a year just a little at a time. I usually need something full coverage but with the MK or NM I always use a damp sponge so it goes on evenly and I dont use as much. I am not sure $19.99 month and products every 60 days wouldn't create an overload for me. You ladies sound very knowledgable on the BE. I have no idea what to use or not at this time. I think I would be Fair. I do have blemishes and very little scarring from acne would appreciate any suggestions on the items I would need. I know mineral veil for sure. I use Mary Kay oil control lotion and on hotter days I use oil mattifier in the oily zones which works to control the oil from seeping. I dont want to know whats in it or I may not use it. lol. It just works that good for me though. :) I seen on the ads online that they send two foundation colors not sure what that is about either.
Thanks in advance

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I would not bother with the club. I've used the same foundation and mineral veil almost every day since September and still have enough for a couple more months. BM lasts a long, long time and does not expire. (The expiration date is due to FDA rules on sunscreen, but those rules don't really apply to the mineral sunblocks that BM uses. Minerals do not go bad or lose their effectiveness like chemical sunscreens.)

Anyhoo, if you can, visit a BE boutique or Sephora or Ulta to help with the foundation match. The foundation is pretty forgiving, but it's nice to know what is a good match for sure. Bisque or Summer Bisque are concealer colors. (If Fair, use Bisque.) I use True as my all over face color to add dimension and as blush. (Warmth is to orange for me.) True is a good color for everyone. Then you can get into the eye colors and eye liners and lip products. As for brushes, a kabuki for good foundation coverage, (I don't like BE's, it's scratchy. Japonesque's bronzer brush is a decent affordable kabuki available at Ulta and Trade Secrets.) the tapered blush brush for True, the flawless face brush for MV or Clear Radiance, and the max coverage concealer brush for Bisque. HTH.

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I started using BE several months ago and I just love it! The Bare Vitamins is to strong for my skin (it causes rosacea, it's the salicytic acid)but my regular moisturizer is just fine.

Warmth is also too orange for me, I'm very fair and I use the clear radiance for cheek color. Luckily my daughter has beautiful auburn hair and the skin to go with it, so she used mine of of the starter kit. She loves BE too, just enough converage without looking madeup.

I bought the high light, low light and just love it. Rare Minerals is sitting on my night stand and though I haven't seen dramatic results, others on the Delphi addict forum have.

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Hi everyone,

IÂm so glad to have found this forum.

I just purchased some Bare Minerals items (2 foundations Medium & Medium Beige, wasnÂt sure what color I am, mineral veil, warmth and clear radiance) Purchased these items from I thought this would be a better alternative then ordering the full kits without seeing how I feel about the products and they offer trial sizes ($6) so itÂs worth the money to check it out.

I am wondering though, on the infomercial it claims that the foundation is good enough to use as a concealer, but itÂs hard for me to believe. Is the foundation really that great used as a concealer too? My skin is in pretty good shape, not many problems besides breakouts here and there & some small red blotches, but I do have some purple under my eyes at times. Do you find that the BE concealer brush is effective & necessary, or would you guys recommend a less pricey concealer brush?

Many thanks,


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I have "mature" skin and some dark blotches and some red blotches. After I apply Bare Mineral with the kabuki brush, I use a small, inexpensive drugstore brush to pat on some extra foundation on the blotches and in the corner of my eyes, where its a little dark. I think it works just fine - depends on the cost of the B/E brush, I suppose, but I think for just a little extra pat or two, I don't need a high quality brush.

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Thank you for your input. I actually caved and bought the kabuki brush ($22) and concealer brush ($17) off of

Before ordering again I contacted them and got an immediate response (from Sandra) that this order can be added on to my last order no problem. I also got 10% off, free shipping and a free eye shadow (you will find all of the promo and discounts under "coupons.") If ordering, make sure you get all the discounts and free stuff you can!

It all came out to around $70, but I love trying new products & if they are not right 4 me, I will give them to my mom or a friend. I'm concerned that I may have chosen the wrong shades (I am not pale but not quite medium with pink undertones)but for $6, it's better then spending $25 to find out I picked the wrong shade!

One thing I don not understand though is, the infomercial offers a new kit every 2 months, but they also say that a little goes a long way, isn't that a lot of make-up?

Do you find that putting the concealer on b4 the foundation works best or after?

If I like the products, I'm thinking about selling them on my website (I have a gift website) at even better rates.

If I like something, I'm always happy to share that, even if I don't make a huge profit.


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I have recently tried Bare Minerals, and I admit the stuff is wonderful. My problem is that the shading is not quite right for me, and boy, can that stuff be messy!
I have extremely sensitive skin and have never in my life been able to wear makeup before this. So, I have been doing some experimenting. Like I said, BM is nice. Physician's Formula's new mineral formula is also really good, and has different shading ( and is really much more affordable). I am also waiting for my Sheer Cover kit to arrive that I ordered ( advertised by Melissa Gilbert, and I think Leeza Gibbons) that looks to be just like BM, only different shading, and about 1/3 to 1/2 less in price. Anyone have any thoughts on this info?

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Where do you get Physician's Formula,Hayden?

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I found Physicians Formula, believe it or not, at Walgreens and K-Mart. I saw it advertised somewhere, don't remember where.
They have regular makeup, and a new mineral formula. I cannot wear their regular stuff, but the mineral formula is great. Comes in a foundation, blush, and eye color so far, with more to come. They have a website which I'll include here. At around $12, and minimal mess, I really like it. Looks like a pressed powder, but as soon as you hit it with a brush, it turns into a powder.

Here is a link that might be useful: Physicians Formula Makeup

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In the physicians formula, though, NOT the liquid mineral foundation. That is like spackle, at least I thought so. Might be good for spot concealer, with the powder over.

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I have a question about Rare Minerals-Night Time,,,,is any of you girls using this???if so, do you like/dislike...are you have any purging?? I have been using for only one week and have started purging. Just wondering if this is only a temporary process??? Thanks for any input.

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Hi room, new to the Garden web boards. Nice to meet you all.
I am a cosmetologist by trade and have tried all kinds of products. My daughter just got married and her makeup artist for her wedding used all BM products. I was so impressed I bought the starter foundation kit. I was a little sensitive to it at first, but I realized it was the application brushes that bothered me. I used them more softly and was able to get the look I wanted with no irritation. Anyway I am now a big fan Of BM's. I am amazed too at how much use you can get out of it. I use it every day just about ( I bought the kit in late March) and I still have alot left. It really does take just a little bit. If you use the brushes and apply it the way the video says is the key to making it last and to apply it evenly.Also I haven't had a blemish since I started using them. At 49 years old I shouldn't anyway, but for some reason I felt like I was going through a second puburty or something prior to using this product! LOL

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Lox9 - I've been using Rare Minerals since early April. I didn't really have any purging, but I found the product works best for me all by itself, w/o any other moisturizer or other facial treatment. I also started using it every other night. Many other women on the Delphi board stopped using it every night too. We all think it may exfoliate too much.

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Buyorsell88 you mentioned a product in your post called Aromaleigh or Monave. I too experience itching when I use bare manerials. I like the bare minerals but the itching is unbareable. I do have sensitive skin. CAn you provide a link or tell me about this product.

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Carrie, I really like Aromaleigh (no Bismuth). Not matte, but, less shine and good coverage.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aromaleigh

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I finally broke down today and bought the starter kit. Not sure what I am doing. I have 2 foundations, light and fairly light. Which one goes on first, and which one is used for concealing? I have dark circles and blotchiness. Also, what is the glee for, if you use the warm tones for blush? Sorry for all the ?'s, just want to make sure that I am using this product correctly.

Thanks for any help,

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This is a beautiful forum. Everyone seems so nice and willing to help each other with so much great information!

I was wondering if anyone has used Bare Minerals to cover up scars?

I had surgery on my arm in Feb and now have a scar that runs from my elbow to my shoulder. I saw a woman on the infomercial that covered up a birth mark so I am hopeful this will work for me.

I would love to wear tank tops again and pray this is the answer to my problem.
What do you ladies think?
Thanks for your help.

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QVC has specials today. Whatever you buy, you can make 5 payments on. I am going to try the bare minerals since I've never tried it before. Does anyone know if there is an instructional video with the stuff? Also, the starter kit doesn't come with eye shadow. Does anyone have any suggestions for a light neutral eye shadow? I have fair skin and blonde hair.

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Hi Claygirl,

I think your best bet would be to ask a dermatologist. I am pretty sure there are things that would make the scar less visible.And they would know. I have heard Strivectin works for
stretch marks it may work for scars also. I hide a small scar myself with Amazing Cosmetics concealer. But it comes off too fast I think. Good luck and don't be too self conscious, there are many people out there with life's war wounds (as I call them) walking around..Hope someone answers your question soon.

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lox, what do you mean by purging?

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Bare Minerals won't cover a large or shiny scar. There are other specialty products for that.

I'm still faithfully using the Bare Minerals. I use the foundation, blush, eyebrow powder, and some eyeshadow. I don't use the Mineral Veil. I found I didn't need it, so I cut out that step.

I had a source on eBay and she had lots of samples of eyeshadows and blushes. But she's no longer in business. So I go to a local Sephora now. The eyeshadow and blush colors are difficult to buy online.

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I just purchased the starter kit today. I am confused on how the refillable compact works. How do you fill it? Am I supposed to pour the powder over the holes and shake it in or should the plastic part pop out?

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Leave the plastic piece in it. You gently pour a little in the lid then swirl, tap, buff. The plastic piece will help you to not spill the whole thing in the lid.

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For refilling, the plastic comes out.

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How does this work in the heat of summer? Does it cake up when you're outside and sweating?

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I tried it twice in the stores. Never bought it. When they give you the whole makeover at the counter they pressure you to buy a kit. I told them I wanted to WEAR it for a while, while I shopped, to see how I like it and then I would come back if I wanted to buy it. They did not like that.

The first time it was a hot and sweaty day. The stuff itched terribly. I thought it looked cakey.

The second time the weather was fair. Later I was at a restaurant and I noticed the white cloth napkin was full of make-up smears. Gross.

While I was at the store the second time, a woman who was with a friend who was trying it, told me she liked the product, but that no matter how careful you are it gets all over the bathroom, even up in the lights. I remember reading that someone had posted that here too.

They try to pressure you into buying their brushes as if they are different from any other make-up brushes. I told them I already have lots of brushes and the salesclerk gave me a ridiculous story about how the hairs on their brand are from a special animal and the hairs are cut to "pick up the powder" like as if other brushes do not do that. Whenever I come across a high pressure sales person I am tuned off. When they start lying I just leave.

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bud, that is funny, their brushes are specially designed and from a special animal, probably breeded somewhere in china.......

I gave in and bought products a few times this year, later realizing I shouldn't have, live and learn....
One of them was a primer to apply before the foundation,
what am I, gyprok? I could kick myself.

I questioned a saleswoman who wanted to sell me a pre-sun creme and also a post-sun creme; my question to her was,

what's the difference ? which one does it all ?

she could not answer me, my reasoning was, once I've been in the sun, I'm post sun, but I am also pre sun for the next time, she kept looking at me with a blank look on her face. Both cremes were 25$ each in Lancôme.
I had gone to the counter looking for a good quality face-only sunblock.
All of a sudden, I was being instructed that I needed 2 products, not one.

Sales staff are instructed on mulitple sales tactics, as a consumer you have to decide what you walk out with.

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ROTFL. I use almost all Lancome products for decades. They tried to sell me 'pre' and 'post' products too. The 'pre' has sunscreen and the 'post' has aloe and something to soothe the redness that comes from the sun. I said "Then why would I buy both?" If the 'pre' sunscreen really worked then you wouldn't NEED the 'post' right? They had no good answer for that one.

*Hey how did you get that little roof over the "O"?

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I type with a french keyboard.

    Bookmark   September 5, 2007 at 9:38PM
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lol, good one....

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LOVE LOVE LOVE Bare Minerals. It doesn't bother my face at all ;)

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To start... its probably the BareVitamins that are causing the dryness and irritation to your skin, it contains Glycolic and Salicylic acid, which if you're sensitive, it can be over stimulating and too abrasive to your skin. For the question about scar covering, as much as I love BE, im not sure how well it will work on the body as far as staying... when it comes to coverage it is great, i've covered a port wine stain on the face (a red birthmark,) but on the body it probably wont with stand the daily grind and hustle. Personally, I wouldnt recommend Amazing cosmetics concealer, its main ingredients are castor oil, lanolin, and mineral oil... not good for your pores. Plus its so thick and greasy it will rub off on your clothes. I recommend Make Up For Ever's Full Cover concealer. The line is originally made for scars or burned victims and more theatre make such as Cirque Du Soleil. It is amazingly full coverage, matte, and oil free! It covers tattoo, birthmarks, scars, blemishes etc. It also is waterproof.. try that! They sell it at most Sephoras.

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