How do you clean your pebble shower floor?

mrao77January 16, 2011

We are putting black pebble in the shower floor in the master bath reno, and am realizing I have not done enough reserach into my project ahead of time!

I would love to know what your experience with keeping your pebble floors (especially inside a shower) clean. What products do you use, what is safe to sanitize a shower while not using harsh chemicals/bleach?

What kind of grout did you use for pebble floors that will be exposed to water constantly? Epoxy grout? Regular with additives? Any recomendations please?

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We had a pebble floor put in as well. I remember the tile shop lady saying that it has to be sealed every 6 months or so. Doesn't sound hard---make sure it's dry, brush on 511, leave to dry for 24 hours. Thankfully we have 2 other showers in the house so it won't be an issue. Once it's sealed, I'm sure a regular bathroom cleaner should do the trick. I hope so anyway!

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Please,folks..I need your input.

All those of you who have beautiful pebble showers, PLEASE help me out.


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I have a stone mosaic floor. It was sealed once over 1 1/2 years ago. I was very hesitant to use anything but the Blue Dawn on it at first. The grout is epoxy throughout the travertine shower.

About 6 months ago, I began to notice a little Serratia Marscens (a pinkish colored film from the the bacteria) in certain areas of the mosaic floor. At that point, I went to Lowes and asked the tile guy there what to do. He pointed me to Tile Guard Extra Strength Tile & Grout Cleaner. I've been using that about every 1 to 2 weeks with a scrub brush (the hard bristle sort). I decided if it wears away the stone or bleaches it, so be it. I can't stand nasty looking showers. It's been fine thus far.

I would think that the pebbles would be hardier than the stone that I used, which is close to travertine.

Anyway, hopefully that is some help to you. I don't know that it is the ideal answer though.

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Bumping this -- can anyone confirm that you do need to reseal your pebble tile floor regularly? Cleaning makes sense, but resealing? Can someone explain why this needs to be done? I ask because we're also putting river rock/pebble in our new shower this week(!).

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i have a river rock pebble floor in my master shower. love it. feels so good on my feet. i used "porous plus" to seal it originally. easy to use. just wiped it on. used a sponge. let dry for 24 hrs. my grout is grey--can't remember what brand, whatever tile guy recommended but nothing special-- it darkened just a little after sealing. which made me happy because i thought it was too light to start with. it's been a year now i haven't sealed it again but i'm thinking i will. grout starting to look just a little lighter in color. the pebbles looked a little tiny bit brighter after sealing and that hasn't changed at all. i try to use non toxic cleaners--"method" brand or seventh generation or windex without ammonia in the shower and haven't had any problems. also i usually try to rinse all soap residue off the floor before i get out of the shower but that's about it.
when you use porous plus, try to remember less is more. you don't need much---if floor is still wet 4 or 5 minutes
after you sponge it on just wipe off excess. it will get sticky if you put too much on at once and that's what you want to avoid. very very simple though. i have never done any thing like this before. good luck

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We have a pebble shower floor in our master bath. It's on the lower level in a humid location. After six months or so of use, I reseal it using a Tile Lab sealer. The first bottle I got from the tile store, after that I've bought it from HD. It comes in a bottle that's the color of a yellow school bus. It's very easy to seal but you have to wait a day before using the shower. The grout was whatever we were using for the floor and wall tile (sanded regular grout I think) but it did take a lot of grout. Once in a while I notice that pink bacteria forming where the wall meets the floor. I think it's because of the humidity (Wash. state), the downstairs location, and the fact that the pebbles allow water to pool in places. The bacteria is easy to remove with regular bathroom cleaners and a scrub brush, so except for the occasional scrub it's about the same as regular cleaning.

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