Stretched out Stretch Jeans

livvysmomNovember 18, 2007

My SIL and niece told me I wear "Mom Jeans". So... I bought a pair of lower-riding boot cut jeans at JCP (St. John Bay brand). Size 8 fit great, too them home, washed them and wore them. About 6 hours later they began to get baggy. By the end of the day, I no longer had to unbutton them to pull my pants down. Tried re-washing, drying and wearing again. Same thing. I weigh 142lbs -- a size 8 should more than fit me. I finally took them back.

I tried on Levis 525 jeans and they seemed to fit great. Only problem was I was mopping up the floor when I walked.

Can anyone recommend any other jeans that do not stretch out too much when wearing?

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Haha,No,but I can certainly relate to your problem!
I love the way my dark stretch jeans look on me,but by the end of the day,if I bend over,I have serious plumber butt because they are so stretched out they start to fall off too!
I think Levis may be the only jean I havent had this problem with.

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I had the same problem. Also, for larger women wearing stretch jeans, I think it is the wrong way to go. They just accentuate the negatives if you have any:)).

I love my Gap 1969 low rise (not too low - told the guy I am a bit older now, and I don't want my a$$ hanging out). I would recommend going in and trying on a few pair. The Gap now has a line just for women. They are the best fitting jeans I have worn in a long time.

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Jeans should fit extra tight when you buy them, to counteract the subsequent sagging.

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I was told by the Gap salesperson that one should buy jeans 2 sizes smaller, so they will not get baggy. I loved the Gap fit but they were about 3 in. too long (and I'm 5'7"). Tried other brands and I found going from a sz 8 to a sz 4 (they actually did fit) made the jeans too short. So I settled for sz 6 in Lee's. Very nice fit and has a tummy panel as well.

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Bedelia, where did you buy the Lee's jeans?

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