falling out eyelash

tonyterriNovember 30, 2007

what causes eyelash to fall out - i use eye curler - is it the curler or the mascara - i use maybelline products - my lashes use to full now very thin

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Eye lash curlers can do it.Because they basicly PULL on the lashes and cuz them to fall out.Just like if you pulled the hair on your head everyday,eventually it would fall out.
Also,wearing waterproof mascara ALL THE TIME can do it too.

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Hair thins as we get older and that includes eyelashes.

Is the problem severe? It could be a medical condidtion that can be treated. Have it checked out.

Mascara and eyelash curlers are not a good idea to use either.

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the curler definately puts strain on your lashes...and most of the lengthening, plumping, volumizing, and particularly the waterproof mascaras...well, would you use that stuff on your HAIR? really? on a daily basis?

keeping them curled and mascara'd, it's entirely possible that you've lost all perspective on what your 'natural' lashes looked like before you started the daily regimen of two coats of 'lash attack'.

the only way to know, really - is to go cold turkey. maybe for New Year's. maybe a lash 'tint' if you're particularly fair, but try it for a month, and you will do yourself two favors - you will give your lashes a chance to catch up with their growth cycle, and give YOU a chance to reaquaint yourself with what your eyes actually look like.

take before and after pictures - the camera has a much better memory than your naked eyes.

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