What is this???

tasymoAugust 18, 2010

Hello Folks! I'm wondering if anyone here has any idea what this old turned wooden object might be? I got it at a thrift store for 60 cents because it intrigues me. It looks as if someone used it for an ash tray, or to tap the dottle from their pipe, because the inside is scorched. It is about 2" tall, and 3 1/4" in diameter. The knob in the center protrudes about 1/4" above the rim. Thanks for looking! Kathy


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I believe your guess about being for a pipe is correct.

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It seems odd to me that someone would spend the time to create such a lovely piece of turned wood for a use that would obviously damage it. I doesn't surprise me that someone would use it the way they did, if they didn't know it's actual purpose...

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To a pipe smoker that is a very important accessory...wood is easier on a precious pipe than ceramic or metal.

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I think its an ash tray for pipe smokers, a typical project for high school wood shop.

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The knob like thing in the middle was used to snuff out the remaining embers when the smoker was through smoking. Surprisingly enough, it would take a very long time to cause any major damage if any. If they were careful the embers were not hot long enough.

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Thanks Everyone! I suspected it had been used by a pipe smoker (my Dad smoked a pipe throughout my childhood), just not that it had been made for that expressed purpose. Now, I can easily imagine someone creating it in Shop class, as a gift for their Dad, or Grampa. One of the reasons I love antiques and collectables is the story and spirit behind the item. Thanks again! Kathy

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