Hair Hilighted Problem

carla35November 6, 2008

Hey, I got my hair hilighted and I thought I stressed that I wanted it to appear significantly lighter. I even brought pictures. Well, I get home and although there are some hi-lights, my hair appears darker especially in the front where I thought I stressed I wanted it lighter. I am very disappointed.

Should I call and see what the hair dresser can do? She did put a bunch of hi and low lights on my hair so I'm not even sure it can be processed again with hi-lights so soon. Does anyone know if it can be corrected easily? I kinda feel bad complaining, but I paid enough that I would like to at least be somewhat happy with it. It's like she really didn't listen to me. And, if she does correct it, will I need to pay her more - should I tip again? What is your experience with this kind of stuff?


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My hairdresser would fix it no charge. Since you brought photos and were very specific I think she should fix it for no charge.

Wondering, did she use foils or papers or pull hair through a cap? I think using foils or papers allow the stylist to be more precise than the cap method.

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She used foils but I think she did thinner sections than I wanted and so it turned out darker and more subtle than I had asked for.

I called and she seemed nice and is planning on adding some lighter tones (or something). I'm guessing she won't try to charge me more; I guess I'll find out. Thanks.

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