What do you think about teeth whitening?

Ginny_CaNovember 14, 2003

I am interested in having my teeth whitened. My dentist told me about two methods-the first method requires me to wear trays an hour a night 3-4 times a week. The other is a one time laser light treatment that last for approximately 6-12 months. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of which method would be better

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I've had mine done with trays. It would be nice having it all done at once, but I think it costs more.

One thing that is nice about having the trays is that your teeth will not stay quite as white as the initial whitening so they need to be redone (it doesn't take as much time in later applications. Usually a couple treatments will do mine).

Also, one dentist gave me the over night solution and one gave me a day solution which was suppose to be better for teeth and you didn't leave on as long. The first one seemed better to me. I think the solution was stronger too.

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Whiter teeth give you an instant lift. I have noticed a few folks who have taken it a bit too far. Their teeth look like they are lit from within. It's bit odd looking. So it can be too much of a good thing.

If you have sensitive teeth, it may make them more so.

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One friend over did it. She had teeth stained with coffee and smoking. The over the counter kit whitening did not clean where her croocked teeth jammed up against each other, so she cleaned them some more, and it only got worse. Finally, the dentist evened out the white, but they are sooo white that her teeth look plastic.

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Our dentist doesn't recommend it. He said it's DEFINITELY NOT for people who have sensitive teeth already, which I have.

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I tried the OTC crest whitening kit that you can use at night. I just used the one kit around a year ago and it is about time again. I do have slight sensitivity and this product does not bother me. I am a tea drinker and this removed the slight yellowing from tea- not sure if it will remove coffee/nicotine as well.
I do think some people carry it too far and it does give the teeth an unnatural look.

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I paid a few hundred to have my teeth whitened at the dentist. They were pretty, but painful. I now use crest white strips. They are not quite as white as they got from the dentist, but close.

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i used the crest white strips. my teeth got really sensitive after about half the box so i stopped using them. they stayed white for a long time though. Don't know really how great they are for your teeth.

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I use the whitening mouth wash regularly (Listerine). I do see the difference after a year or so. More subtle than professionally done but enough for me at this point.

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the enamel on my teeth is so thin I'm afraid that they would crack. I had them done years ago and they looked great; however, my molars (with big fillings) started breaking and I ended up getting crowns on all of them. Whichever you choose, be sure to have your dentist keep a good eye on you.

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You can also put sensodyne in your trays if you have them too! This is a tip I learned working in a dentist office. You can do it before you bleach for a half hour and then right after. It cuts down on those aches. :)

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I do not support it. I think it not good for your teeth.

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Allin121, peddle your crap elsewhere, the OP wasn't asking anything about denture adhesives.

I LOVE Crest Pro Effects White Strips. After using them for less than a month there is serious change, much whiter, and I use them a few times a week for upkeep and my dentist was totally impressed with how white my teeth are now.

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I think trays are a better option, it's cheaper and more flexible - you can put in the tray whenever you want. If you want your teeth to stay white you have to do the laser treatment over and over again, at least once every year.

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I use the Creststrips professional, they stick on good and tight. my DH wanted his teeth whitened a little so he only used it a few days and was happy with the results too.

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

I've had an unsatisfactory experience with Dramatic Smiles. The package I ordered had one less syringe than advertised. Their only contact is email - no phone number. I've sent several emails and have received the same four(4) automatic responses: "Thank you for contacting Dramatic Smiles. We have received your message and will respond to it soon."

Well "soon" has still not arrived.

With an M.O. like this, they must exist on new business because they certainly are not cultivating repeat customers.

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Go with the laser kind. Much better.

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My biggest fear, and perhaps it is because I haven't really researched it completely, is that your enamel comes off when you use the strips. And we all know that losing enamel is losing the barrier of your teeth. I like the whitening toothpaste...I use Sensodyne because I have developed sensitive teeth and this seems to really help!

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I do oil pulling with coconut oil. I had my teeth professional whitened (molds made of teeth with a special peroxide gel) and tried the Crest strips. Both left me with extreme sensitive teeth. I tried the oil pulling for joint pain but found it whitened my teeth so well I use it for that - haven't notice any difference for my joint pain:( but it makes my gums and teeth feel and look great. Plus, any sensitivity I had is gone! Google it for info.

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Whitening your teeth destroys the protective enamel that is why you have sensitivity afterwards. It seems to me your teeth would end up with worse stains than leaving them natural. I think some of the movies stars look down right comical.

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There are several teeth whitening products in the market and online shops. Among them are teeth whitening trays, desensitizing gel for sensitive teeth, teeth whitening pen, LED teeth whitening and teeth whitening gel. But you know what?, I use natural teeth whitening... a mixture of toothpaste, mouthwash and baking soda. It whitens my teeth progressively.

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