Epidermx Microdermabrasion

Sharon888November 18, 2005

Hello, sorry to disturb you all. I am a newbie here. I have read the threads about microdemabrasion. I have received my Epidermx Microdermabrasion Pro Treatment last week.

So, I have been gone through two treatments. But, I cant see any dead skin cells "ball up" when I was massaging my face and the scars didnÂt diminish any. Actually, I didnÂt expect the scars to be gone within this short period, I just want to know why the dead skin didnÂt "ball up".

I wondered where I did wrong and I would like to hear your advices and guidance. Or, can you please guide me the correct massage method or which website have such demonstration? Please help. Appreciate any advices. Thank you very much.



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Hi Sharon. I'm guessing that nobody else here has tried this process yet. Do you have any ideas or tips to share with us all? Actually, I wonder exactly what Epidermix Microdermabrasion is. I don't have scars, but I do have blotches. Can you tell me some more?

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I was doing a search under microdermabrasion and just wanted to let you guys know that people are saying that the epidermx cream is the same as the spa grade microdermabrasion from eyezonit.com and if you use password SKIN under the special link you can get it for less than 20 bucks. Great deal for the epidermx users.

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