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xminionNovember 4, 2010

At the risk of alerting the Spam Nazis on this forum, I'd like to know your experiences with facial massagers. I've always had sallow skin and hate wearing make-up to brighten up my cheeks and get a glow on. Research shows that they run from $8.00 to several hundred dollars.

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Just a simple facial scrub does the same thing, plus it gets rid of dead skin and brings blood to the suface creating a more glowing effect on your skin. Skip the expensive machines or products, go with a facial scrub from Olay or Neutrogena, even some of the cheaper ones are just as good.

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You can get the same benefits by massaging with your hands, although some people prefer to let the machine do the work. Personally, I'm all for saving money.

Michelle is right about the benefits of a scrub, but their benefit is mostly to the skin's surface. Massage increases blood circulation giving skin a glow, but it also stimulates collagen production, tones the face muscles, and drains lymph that causes puffiness, and helps keep the face lifted as you age.

There is one on youtube. com that gets great reviews on skincare forums called the Tanaka massage and it only takes about five minutes to perform. Just put Tanaka massage in youtube's search box and you'll see there are four parts to the massage The creator gives the massage to a model and afterwards, the model does the same massage on herself, so it is really not as long as it appears.

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deb18- thanks for that info. Hopefully we'll see improvement in a couple of weeks. Thanks again!

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