Where to find a sunhat in November in Chicago?

linnea56November 8, 2007

OK, it's mid-November in Chicago, and I need a sunhat for a trip to the desert! Where do I find one at this time of year? Anyone know of stores/chains that might have them now? I don't want to order online because I really need to try it on; I look terrible in most hats. I'm in the northwest suburbs. Thanks!

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Have you tried "Everything But Water" in the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg? It's a bathing suit store, I don't know if they have hats, but they might be able to direct you to a store that does. There are always a lot of people that vacation in warm climates this time of year; there's gotta be sunhats somewhere.

I haven't been to Macy's yet, but you could call them.

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Are nurseries still open? (Sorry, I'm a CA girl and don't know what nurseries in Chicago do in the winter!!) If they are still open, they might have some hats. Or you could just get one when you get to your desert destination.

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I did think of waiting til I get there, but don't want to waste valuable vacation time. Nurseries in Chicago are either closed or just selling houseplants now. Ramrice, I will check out those other stores and give them a call. Thanks!

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Try Goodwill or Salvation Army stores

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