Set of lamps, maybe someone can help with info

respAugust 31, 2011

Hey guys,

I was cleaning out my garage in my old house and found these two old lamps. I couldn't find any markings on them, but they are heavy, and it appears the bottoms have marble on them.

Hopefully someone can help with some info on the lamps. Thanks a ton. D.

(I will post photos in one minute. thanks)

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They Look like perhaps from a hotel lobby? I think they are lovely and in very good for age....I have no idea....but likely not older than say 1960....because of the type of bulbs used.
you say you found them in your garage??? How do you suppose they got there? What did the previous owner do for a living?

Here is a link that might be useful: lamps

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What a thing to stumble onto in your garage :) I'm just wondering if they were updated sometime along the way. The harp and larger bulb socket look much newer? But if I zoom waaay in, it almost looks like the small sockets that hold the candelabra bulbs are a shiny brass as well? (I'm looking at the lamp on the left, front candle without a bulb.) Is that a possibility- can you tell if those parts look newer?

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Looks to me like that harp was added and that another chandelier bulb used to be screwed into that I said for a hotel or perhaps a restaurant.

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I would say 1960s-ish Rococo now termed Hollywood Regency. The shade was meant to cover all of the bulbs, so in a way this is an earlier, lamp version of the chandelier within shade we are seeing now--although these are candelabra-within-shade.

Sometimes the outer ring of bulbs lights separately from the main bulb. Do yours do this sequence or something like it?: perimeter bulbs, center bulb, both?

The center socket may be new. I have seen similar lamps with a mogul bulb socket that had a glass torchiere type shade that the lamp shade sat on rather than sitting on a harp.

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Very cool. I would guess they were updated and rewired to meet new code at some point. I have had a lot of lamps from the 20s-30s rewired to make them safe to use.

Lucky you!

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Hey thanks for the replies!

From what I understand, my old next door neighbor who passed away easily 15 years ago gave them to my mother who just put them in the garage which wasnt being used.

The "arms", im not sure what to call them, that extend out and hold the smaller bulbs have tiny little holes where im pretty sure some sort of beads or fake crystals probably hung from.

I guess she didnt give the lamp shades with them. Is there a market for selling these lamps? I wish the antique roadshow would come to my area lol.

Again, thanks for the thoughts on what they were. They are really cool and both still work which is always a plus.

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