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heart-of-dixieNovember 1, 2009

What kind of foundation do you use? I have just

bought Clinique Superbalanced mineral makeup but

I do wonder if I need to be using something else.

I like it so-so.

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I like MAC's foundations, but they discontinued the spray which was the best. I also like Oil of Olay's foundation.

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Your post does not indicate your skin type - dry, normal, oily - plus any allergies, skin conditions etc. - I have very dry, thin skin with rosacea - and it drinks up moisturizers in a nanosecond - so I need a full coverage oil-based foundation - all to give me a "natural" look. Also, I am of Irish heritage - so the auburn hair (now coloured) but I have a yellow based, very pale complexion -and am also very acidic so colour is hard to match. So I have basically tried everything. The best 2 for me of course are expensive, but they last a long time. I am currently use Cle de Peau - Satin - has to be the Satin. The "Creme" is for oily skins - go figure that one. Plan B is Sisley's Transmat in Shade Beige Clair 0. It also has oil - and little in way of botanicals. Both products are very creamy. A liquid just does not provide coverage. My foundation will last an entire day - just have to touch it up if I wish with a little loose translucent powder. The really funny but sad thing is that once I have my makeup on people think I have really nice skin and am so lucky to be able to wear just a tinted moisturizer. Same problem with lipsticks, blush etc. Hope you find something that works for you. I can't use Clinique - has aloe vera - allergic to it - and they don't have a foundation rich enough for me. MAC as well. Chanel used to have one but of course d/c. I avoid anything "anti-aging" because it pulls the skin and you will see lines you didn't know you had. I am 59 - and well, I could look a lot worse.

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I have normal skin. I need a foundation that will last all day. I am not sure about the Clinique I have on - it is
kind of making my skin itch. I do have imperfections that need to be hidden. I am yellow undertoned and have a light complexion.

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I just use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, my skin is oily so I use the oil free. I would go to the store and try some different brands never hesitate to ask for samples, you never know how something is going to work for you until you try it with your own powder, blush , lighting etc.

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heart-of-dixie - I think you are sensitive to an ingredient in the Clinique makeup. It might be confined to this particular product - sometimes I can use ONE! product from a particular line - actually that is sort of the story of my life. But Clinique does use many of the same ingredients in many of its products. I would take it back if you can - a whole lot easier in the U.S. than in Canada, of that I can assure you - for this reason, I always sample new products - and especially reformulated (improved?!) versions of products that have worked for me. Since you have normal skin, you are way ahead of me. But light skinned with a yellow undertone puts you into my problem - but if you are not super acidic you might not have the everything turning hot pink on you - with pink not being your colour. At 40 plus I would avoid the matte look - I prefer looking slightly dewy - but at 59 and 3/4 I fall into a different category. I would start trying a few foundations - but only one at a time - and absolutely only use the foundation over a cream and sunscreen that you absolutely know do not cause your skin to break out. Then you will have to see how the foundation works with your skin. Some people want my colour of foundation, l/s etc. but when they put it on it looks totally different. You could probably get away with a good liquid. Drug store products have certainly improved over the years, but depending on the coverage you want etc. I was told years ago - and other people started to ask me why my foundation lasted and theirs didn't - was to buy a good foundation and then buy cheaper blushes etc. (if you can find a colour). I know many people love Laura Mercier as above poster wrote - but all shades are way too yellow for me. Yves St. Laurent products are very pink. Heck the shade of Cle de Peau Satin I am wearing absolutely should not work for me - it is I 10 - I tried it on the advice of someone with my skin issues - after my SA tried everything that should have worked - but didn't - and she was the one who used to sell me the Sisley Transmat in Beige Clair 0. She is now with Dior, but can sell me what I can wear and will not lie to me - very important - and I did try the Capture Foundation, but the colour match just didn't do it. If possible I prefer not to have SPF in my foundation, but it is getting harder to find one without it - darn government interference. And the more SPF the murkier it will look. While liquid foundations do not provide the coverage I need, I have found they all make my skin itch. Go figure. So I would stock up on some small jars and go to a department store where they know you, if one exists where you live. In Toronto where I live, many brands are exclusive to one store, so a no brainer for me -and since I am known there as looking normal, but being anything but, the SAs know that if something works for me I will buy it and if it doesn't I will tell them why - and sometimes it really helps them with other clients who have some of my skin issues. Just yesterday, again, someone commented on how lucky I am to have just lovely porcelain skin - it is the foundation! Hope you can find something. Also be very careful of the powder you use - make sure it doesn't have an offending ingredient as well -and remember, if there is water in a product it will only last so long.

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I use Bobbi Brown Luminous Makeup. Fabulous!! My DD wears their tinted moisturizer & she is very happy w/ it.

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Yes full coverage is what I need too. I was wearing Dior
Icone But the Discontinued it. Went on and tried some other
Dior ones but they did not work for me. It was a cream to powder formula and had enough coverage for those age discolorations problems. Plus did hide lines well.
I found mat looked good on me.
Was going to try MAC Studio Tec next; a cream to powder
says it is build able to full coverage.
I will look into Cle de Peau - Satin.
I need to find a thick creamy one that drys to mat.
It is not easy to find one for us I guess.


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My two cents: I'm in my mid-fifties and right now my favourite foundation is Dior Capture Totale. It feels light, but gives me the coverage I need. It's a bit pricey, but a bottle lasts me about a year.

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First, let me preface by saying I'm a long time member of Gardenweb, not here to promote any website, but I think this will be helpful. If you go to (environmental working group), they have a link called, "Skin Deep". From this link, you can key in most products on the market to view their list of ingredients, or you can also key in an ingredient to view the toxicity levels/health hazards. Either way, it's a good way to gauge what you are putting on your skin, or ideally what is being absorbed into your body and what the possible risks are of each ingredient. I LOVE this website. This way, you can possibly narrow down what ingredients are bothering your skin, if you have skin sensitivities, or at least if something does work for you, view the ingredients and know what doesn't. I have very sensitive skin with slight rosacea, been to dermatologists all my life, and have searched high and low for various foundations, among other products. I think the direct website to skin deep is costmeticsdatabase dot com. For cleanser or for children, I like products (no make up line unfortunately), as they do their best to omit many toxins from their products that are found in many products from lotions to shampoos and soaps, etc. They have a super sensitive line if you are looking for a facial cleanser (face and body shampoo all in one), lotions, sunscreen, etc. These products work well for me, without irritation. EWG has more info on toxins in the home, and reports that are published related to the environment. Thought I'd share, for those interested in learning more about what we are doing to our bodies.

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I checked out the website you listed --- that is one helpful website! I just spent the last hour reading, and can see there is still more helpful information for me to go through. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for posting it here.


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