Dacor Discovery Double Wall Ovens

4eaglesFebruary 17, 2013

Does anyone have experience with this unit, positive or negative. We have the opportunity to buy the floor model from our dealer at a substantial discount but do not know enough about the products performance. It is in many of the local cooking schools and we will be contacting them as well. Thanks

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I had a single one five years ago. It was a nightmare. The enamel chipped and the computer boards never could control the temperature. The door was crooked and it baked very unevenly. Maybe they are better now but how old is the one they are selling? There was another person on this forum who had problems and went through three ovens but finally got one that worked. They bought mine back. I have an Electrolux now and love it. It cost half of what the Dacor cost. One of our local cooking schools has them and they are inaccurate and they cannot be fixed on several tries. I think Dacor gave them to them. A friend has an older model and has had to replace the computer boards.

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This unit is a year old but has been on display for six months, I was told they are replacing it with one that has an android interface which I have no interest in. They are offering a 3000 discount off list price which puts it much closer to the price of electrolux and bosch units which were my other considerations.

Which model did you have if you don't mind me asking?

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Which model did you have if you don't mind me asking?

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My Dacor Discovery MOV 227 double wall ovens are about 6-7 years old. They were a relatively new model when they were installed. The only issue I had was that the temperature probe didn't beep when the set temperature was reached - I notified Dacor and they sent a new control panel to the authorized service company for install.

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Thanks for the feedback I called the local cooking schools and they were really happy with the Dacor ovens so I am leaning that way. Always good to get feedback positive and negative prior to a purchase of this amount.

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Mine was the Epicure. Hopefully their troubles are behind them. I would certainly check the temps in all modes when you get it. The main problem was that the preheat would not come back on if you opened the door frequently as in making cookies and the temp would drop or the temp would just drift down over time. It works by an oscillation of the element coming on and off over shorter time intervals. The idea is to keep a very tight swing of temperature. Unfortunately if the temp dropped it couldn't kick the element back on. I also had the ER36D range and it had the same issues, enamel and temperature. I will give them credit for buying them back. They also have a three year warranty now and you might be able to negotiate it further. I would not buy it if you don't get some sort of warranty over one year as the boards were billed at $1800 each tome they were replaced- no cost to me. I would also buy the longest extended warranty you can get, not just for this oven but any oven with a lot of electronics. My friend had her board go out and her husband bought the part on eBay for about $35, but it was a couple of years older than mine. I would also run the self clean a few times while under warranty. I would reccomend that to anyone buying any oven with electronics.
Hope it goes well. Let us know.

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Update to my post:::
We went with the Dacor, we have only had it a week but so far we are really impressed. The Dacor Guide is awesome and cooks things perfectly, we have tried a few baked items, cookies, and rolls. In the meat department we have cooked pork and will be trying beef this weekend. I will periodically update my post and keep you all informed about the good and bad! Thanks

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Thanks for reporting back. It is helpful to anyone else looking to purchase a product to get current information from someone actually using it.

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Good to hear. When I bought mine their reputation was good and hopefully they have gotten that back.

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So far we are very happy, have baked multiple items and the temperature probe and Dacor Guide have made cooking a real pleasure and a breeze. We have been really happy with how moist the food is. My only complaint is that I wish the timer would be louder, it beeps but when we have other things going on it is not as loud as I would like. However if you are cooking with the probe the oven turns itself down to a warming mode so my dislike of the sound level is mitigated by the oven adjusting so that it doesn't overcook.

We have tried a variety of meats and poultry in the oven as well as baked goods. So far two thumbs up.

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