Foundation that doesn't crease?

linnea56November 8, 2007

I'm finding my foundation is now creasing in the few wrinkles that are developing, mostly under my eyes. The "anti-aging" ones I've tried all seem to have moisturizers, which I don't want. Those seem to crease worse, as I don't have dry skin. I use pretty heavy coverage as my skin is unevenly colored and blotchy.

I could use some honest recommendations. I use loose powder too because I don't like any shine, it seems to crease the same with powder or without.

Please NO spam: if you are selling something I will be able to tell, I'm not that naive: and I will just ignore it anyway. Thanks for any legitimate replies.

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I would skip the foundation make-up altogether. Have you tried using a tinted gel coverage? I am not talking about those self tanners that leave the skin semi-permanatly tinted. There are gel bronzers that will not make your skin oily and will add a bit of color to hide imperfections on skin tone. They dry on the skin and you can't tell you are wearing anything. They do not crease.

The one I really liked "Gel Bronzant" by Avon is not being made any more and I stocked up on it when I found out they were going to discontinue it. I'm sure I'll find something similar at the department store counters when I run out.

I also like "Glowtion" by Ultima II. It is like a cross between regular cream lotion foundation and gel bronzers. It is tinted and fairly translucent. I haven't seen it in the stores for a while. Everytime I find something I really like it eeems they discontinue it.

It you are looking for 'heavy coverage' have you tried just using powder alone? Lancome make a nice product called "Dual Finish". It comes in a compact as a powder but you apply it with a wet sponge making it almost creamy. It dries with a nice smooth finish and has never creased for me. I've been loyal to "Dual Finish" for 35 years. I only use it for evening though when I want a more glamor look. I personally don't like heavy make-up during the daytime but it would still work for daytime.

Do a search here on the mineral make-up. I don't remember if there were complaints about it creasing but it is worth investigating.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
There are so many foundations out there that trying them has been kind of hit or miss. I have not tried any gels. One thing I have learned is that whenever a liquid says "translucent", it won't work for me. I do need coverage, both for permanent under-eye circles and blotchy freckles that are on my cheeks closer to near my ears. I have been using a thicker one (L'Oreal Age Perfect, comes in a jar and is applied with a soft brush), plus a more solid cream (Max Factor Silk Perfection Liquid to Powder)that comes in a compact. I use the L'oreal on my whole face, then just some of the thicker Max factor on the cheeks and under the eyes. The Max Factor has been great for years, it's only recently that it has started settling into the lines starting around my eyes. But I will take a closer look at the gels now that I know about them. The Lancome one sounds promising. I will see if I can try that one out (department store brand, right?). I have a business and don't have to wear makeup everyday, fortunately, just when I am meeting people. I would also like to have an alternative to "doing a full job" when I do use makeup.

I mentioned this problem to a friend out of town, who is a bit older than I am (51) and she said there are brands that are effective at not settling into the wrinkles. She actually asked a total stranger, an older woman she saw while shopping that was well-made up, and got a recommendation for some products that worked well. But then a few years later she stopped wearing makeup and now can't remember the brand. I'm not bold enough to approach women on the street to ask like she did! I'm also leery about asking at a department store makeup counter, there are usually all young things behind the counter who must have no idea what may work or not for creasing.

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Oh, please do not feel that way. I am a 50y/o woman myself so I do understand the shock when those first few crows feet appear. I've had to re-adjust my make-up to my "new" face. LOL.

If you go to the department store counters the reps are 'trained' to deal with all sorts of cosmetic needs. It is a held belief that you must find a rep that looks similar to you to get good advice for your needs and that is just not so. They are suppose to know how to do make-up for different races and ages and even address 'special needs'. Besides being trained to give advice they do get feedback from their regulars about the products. They WILL push the *brand* of products that they work for but they are usually allowed to sell all brands.

If you go to the department store counters you can try the make-up. Go there bare-faced and ask for an application of Lancome Dual Finish (or whatever you wish to try). You do not have to make a purchase then and there immediately. Write down what products they used so you do not forget. Wear the make-up around the mall while you do other shopping or just wear it home. See how it holds up and if it creases. Then go back to purchase, or to seek further consultation for something else.

And BTW I've asked strangers on the street what make-up they were wearing. Well, only one time, BUT, that is how I found my favorite lipstick color! Oh and when you are browsing the cosmetic counter and see someone buying something you are interested in don't be afraid to ask them how they like the product. Most people will be happy to answer with the details.

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I've been using L'Oreal True Match Liquid Makeup. It blends nicely, stays put, and is easy to find. It's not badly priced. I'm 52 and have a few crinkles. I use a touch of pressed powder over it, applied with a big fluffy brush.

If your skin is REALLY oily you might not like this product. If only a bit oily, it will probably work for you.

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I also want full coverage, and Max Factor stick foundation (#129) works very well for me. I've been using it for years. The liquids and powder-like foundations do not seem to do the trick. MF stick foundation works very well and it's less than $7 at W-mart.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into these. I had not seen Max Factor stick foundation before, odd since I have been using their compact-style cream ones for years. Does it look like a lipstick or something?

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I've seen the Max Factor stick foundation at drugstores YEARS ago, I mean like decades ago in the sixties. I never used it and I am surprised that it is still around. It was popular in the fifties when heavy coverage make-up was more common. I believe it was originally made for telelvison actors to wear on-screen. It is pancake make-up in a stick form. You don't see pancake make-up around much any more and I think that Max Factor and Lancome are the only two who still make it. The Lancome Dual Finish I mentioned in my previous post is also pancake make-up. Pancake mae-up give real good flawless coverage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Max Factor Pancake

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Bare Minerals has a great foundation, you use a very small amount, gives good coverage that lasts all day and doesn't settle into the lines.

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