'Black Tie' event - what to wear

mrs_tlcNovember 19, 2008

We have recently been invited to a "Formal Black Tie Reception" to celebrate the season with champagne & caviar. It is at the "Estate" of an acquaintance. I have never been there before but here it is quite lavish. Here's the question.....is a classic "little black dress" appropriate for me....and.....should DH wear a tux or is a black suit & tie acceptable?

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I'm no expert, but I always took black tie to mean an actual tux should be worn.

I'd have to see your little black dress, but if it's something you could wear to a bar with the girls, then it's probably not nice enough.

The key word that sticks out to me is FORMAL... that really stresses what is going on... it's not just Black Tie... it's Formal Black Tie. I would ask around, but I'm thinking a floor length gown may be in order. My uncle used to throw black tie parties and yes, some broke the rules, but most came dressed to the nines. I don't know how old you are, but I would maybe look into a very long fancy straight black skirt and maybe a sequenced/shimmery type top. You could sort of blend in with the others regardless of which way the formality swings.

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Formal black tie, the men will defiitely wear a tux and the ladies long dresses/gowns. In recent years, I've seen a trend towards Black Tie Optional, which gives more leeway for people to dress up but with more options.

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Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it and will take it to heart. While my "little black dresses" (I have three...lol) are very dressy, I think I agree more with something long being the way to go. My daughter just got married and her wedding colors were brown & pink so I have a beautiful long pink gown, strapless that laces up the back. It is just gorgeous and I'd love to wear it but it is PINK....ALL PINK and pretty bright raspberry pink at that so for the holidays I think it's too bright. I added a link to photobucket. Too Pink???

I think I might go with either a tea length black chiffon with a burn-out pattern and red roses or a long black velvet skirt and I'll just get a pretty holiday/sparkle type of top to go with it. How does that sound?

Oh, and DH is going to wear his tux. But I told him no way is he wearing his christmas red tux shirt....lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink dress

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Your pictures are lovely! Both you and your daughter look great.

I do sort of think that the pink is a little too summery for a Christmas party. They again, I don't know what part of the county you're in. But, people generally will dress more wintery for a Christmas Party. Your other two options sound ok... again, though, maybe you could ask around if you know others going. I find formality of parties and such is so regional that what goes in one county will be totally different in the next. I'd hate to tell you to wear the black skirt and then have everyone else in strapless pink dresses with tiarras -LOL I'm pretty sure your husband will be fine in a tux (even with a red shirt!), but it's harder with women. Do you know anyone else going to the party you could ask? If you're going to buy something, you may want/need to go even more formal; an actual gown may be a better option...

I know I'm sort of changing my opinion from my last post but I was going more towards something that you could blend in with either way. But, if your husband is wearing a tux, you can afford to buy something, and everyone else is dressing really formal, you may want to go up a notch and wear a long gown. Ask around. And, post back even after the party. I am curious as to how strictly the word formal will be followed.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Dress

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I like that article Carla, thanks! Well, I went through my closet yesterday and found a beautiful dress that I had forgotten all about. If you've ever seen "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" it is the same dress that Kate Hudson wore to the formal (silk, low back with criss-cross straps) where they had the big blow-up........only mine is ruby red and I have red silk & sequin pointed toe shoes to go with it. It was hanging there, still with the tags on for two years because I had gained some weight. I tried it on and could wear it if I lose a little in the hips in the next two weeks. If not, I'll stick with the long black velvet skirt, which hides a multitude of sins...

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Sounds great either way. You could always invest in some of that new shapewear everyone is talking about; I haven't tried it but I would guess you could fit into your red dress without having to diet too much before the Holidays.

Again, check back in and let us know how it goes. Have fun.

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