Lipsticks and Lip Gloss

shesheNovember 7, 2009

I found some new lipstick today that is nice. I lucked out.

You cant really tell from the little paper sample color things at the drugstore. What color you are really buying.

Its Maybelline ColorSensational #475 in the plum section.

The lipsticks are in sections according to color family. It is not

too dark and not too bright. More in the natural family.And comes in a really pretty purple

clear case. It has some toned down pink in it. Not too bright.

They have the lip gloss and the liner too. Above

the lipstick display. I did not get the gloss in a plum because

it was too dark. Instead I got the a more natural shade WF171

It looks good with it. The gloss has a cherry scent tho.

Its hard for me to find a good lipstick color! So I am excited about I checked it after about 15 min on. The color is on but the gloss is not really glossy now, like it was when I put it on. But I drank some water since then. hmm

Does anyone else have some mainstay drugstore lipstick colors for everyday wear?

I'm glad I found this one!


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I have settled on Victoria Secret lip glosses as my favorites. The ones with color have just enough color to make a difference. It stays on, the taste is pleasant, and they are inexpensive. I have lots of them. I like them, too, because they come in a tube with a cap. I have had trouble with regular lipsticks turning to unusable goo in the warmth of our hot summers.

As I get older I am aware that lipsticks are drying to my lips. They also look a little dated on older women.

Here is a link that might be useful: VS lip glosses.

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Revlon 420, Pearl Blushed. I always buy them when they are on sale and have one everywhere I go.

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