Wolf Gas range changes and finding a floor model for cheaper?

Kristen HallockFebruary 11, 2013

I know Wolf has changed the All-Gas model of its range to have sealed burners now instead of the old unsealed burners.
I will be remodelling my kitchen this spring/summer and I really have my heart set on a 36" Wolf range. I am not sure its in the budget though. But I've seen some people here comment on how they've found a floor model for cheaper. So I'm wondering what my chances are for that.

When did the changes happen exactly? Am I too late to the game to hope to find an older floor model? I'd be looking for a 36" all-gas range. Preferably with 6 burners but I guess I could go with the grill in the middle if I had to. I am in northern New England.

Unfortunately there are only 2 wolf dealers close by.

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I've spent some time lately at my local appliance stores looking for a 30 inch range. I found an older-style wolf at two of those stores last week, one was there as late as Friday (2/8). I was offered deals on both of those ranges that were substantially less than the MSRP, one was 15% off, and the other deal was 25% off. The ranges were not in pristine condition ... scratches on the stainless steel as well as on the porcelain top, and one range was missing a knob and the riser. Still, if I could have fit that range into my too-small opening (the new Wolf is 29 7/8 and the old Wolf is 30 inches ... same difference in the 36 inch model) I would have bought one of them. IMHO, it is superior to the new "improved" model. Dealers stopped taking orders for the older models on 1/31/13 and the new models will be available for delivery around 3/1/13. It wouldn't hurt to call around, or better yet, go there with cash in hand.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks. I think we will try going to a few places this week and if that doesnt pan out I might try calling some other places that might be a a longer drive away.

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We purchased our range top in Springfield, MA, at Salemi's. Not a huge store, but nice staff and well run. It was not a floor model, but they do have quite a bit of Wolf stock relative to their size. Not sure where in New England you are, but wanted to put it on your radar. For the full listing of Wolf dealers in New England, you might check with Clarke's near Boston. They are the Wolf wholesaler for the region. And if you want a fun afternoon, make an appointment and see their showroom! Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clarke Showroom Boston

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I just bought mine from the largest independent chain in the metro area of Minneapolis St. Paul. They have 6 or 8 stores, and I visited 5 of them. They all had their floor models discounted. They had many more of the 36" on display than the 30" size I needed and finally found. I also found another small local dealer who offered me 15% off on his floor model. Good luck.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks. I am in Burlington VT so going all the way to Boston to buy a range might not happen. Although I'd go if I was getting a good deal on a floor model. My other idea is going to New Hampshire where at least it would be tax-free. There are a couple of local places though that I am also going to check first.

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Kristen Hallock

Well the place closest too me only had a 30" gas range or a 36" duel fuel floor model for sale the DF was $5750 I think. It had a griddle and 4 burners. I really just wanted 6 burners though. Another place in NH has a 36 with a charbroiler. But we just want 6 burners. And then another place is getting back to me and I have a few more to call still.

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I too just lucked out with a floor model. i called around until someone at one of the retail stores went to bat for me and called the distributor and found one 36" 6 burners with a 25% discount. My lucky day. They will hold in their warehouse until i am ready in May and the guarantee takes place from delivery. You may not have to make the trip yourself if you can get one of the reps to go to bat for you. Good luck!

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Kristen Hallock

springplanter - So who exactly is the distributor? Did the distributor have the range you wanted? Or was it at another store and the distributor is just able to tell which store had/has which floor models? I feel a little clueless.

Oh, one more thing. Did you buy it sight unseen? Or did you look at it before purchasing?


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FWIW springplanter, you might consider having the range delivered and then store it yourself--garage, or ??? There is no guarantee that the range will still be there when you are ready for it. Someone "needs" it to fulfill another job or order, and--"oops, so sorry, it's gone." Not exactly the right thing to do, but that won't help get the range back.

We've all heard/read stories about granite and marble slabs on hold for, or even sold outright to people, ending up being sold to others. We kept very close tabs on the two (at that point discontinued) 1.6 gal Toto toilets we ordered for two of our bathrooms. We were working with the same salesperson who had sold us our kitchen and guest bathroom fixtures, so we knew him, and knew he would look out for us. Even so, we told him we would take delivery much earlier than they were needed in order to avoid any unwelcome surprises. If another customer or contractor needed our toilets to complete an order, they easily could have disappeared. So we paid for them and stored them until we were ready to install them, rather than risk losing them to someone else.

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Kristen Hallock

I ended up sending a facebook message to a showroom in Mass (Clarkes) and the marketing person there was going to get me in touch with dealers in my state. But she just wrote back saying she doesnt want me to waste my time calling around and they they are working with their VT sales rep to see who might have the range I am looking for available

Woo Hoo! I am thrilled. I hope they find one. If not I am very impressed with their customer service.

I also just came from a local appliance place and they are getting me a quote on a 36" BlueStar.

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Clarkes is a first-class outfit. I'm telling you, when you are next going to be in Boston, make an appointment to see their facility. For kitchen people, it is like Disneyland! They don't sell directly to the public -- being the wholesaler -- but they go to bat both for their retailers and for the ultimate consumers.

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subzero wolf have regional distributers and they are only allowed to sell in their geographic area. For example, I am in Maryland and the distributer is in Philly for this area. The sales rep went to bat and called the distributer to find out what was available in the area. I saw fotos and was guaranteed that the item was the one I was buying, although i could have gone to see it if I wanted. Because I have paid for it there is no chance that they will sell to another (I think) It will be moved to the warehouse that the rep uses in Baltimore and i could even go there to se it if I want, but I did accept the word of the rep and the distributor people that there was no damage.

Good luck

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Another good reason to buy the old model all-gas Wolf while you still can ... the new model has a different type of ignitor for the oven. The old style used a glow-type ignitor, but the new style uses a spark ignitor that will continue to spark each time the oven re-lights itself to maintain the temperature. My current range has this same kind of ignitor and the frequent "click, click, click" coming from the oven is enough to drive me batty. Looks like I can cross the new model Wolf off my list. Sigh.

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I know where a new 2008 RG36? duel fuel is.

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