My hair color is too dark

evatxNovember 26, 2006

Is there something I can do to lighten my hair a bit? I wanted it to be med. brown, but it is dark brown. I had it done at a salon last week because the highlights had grown out and I was getting lots of gray. The stylist said that as I wash it, it will lighten - well, I want it lightened right away. Any suggestions on something I can do myself? Thanks!

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It may help to use a clairifing shampoo.

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I would get a couple highlights done. Dont get a lot that are very noticable but a couple highlights will lighten your hair right up.

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It will lighten a lot after a few shampoos, if you can't stand it and don't want to wait a week, try 3 shampoos in a row, wash rinse, repeat, 3 times, to accelerate the lightening effect. It worked for me a few years ago when the stylist went too dark for the base.

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A hot oil treatment will strip off some of the excess pigment.

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I've heard of using Tide, believe it or not...

I'm actually in the same predicament myself... I'm going to pick up some Prell or something harsh like it, and try that.

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