Homemade Exfoliator?

suziequeNovember 15, 2009

Hi -

Does anyone have a "recipe" for homemade exfoliator? It's so expensive in stores and I think I probably have, or can easily get, the ingredients. Also are salt exfoliators or sugar exfoliators for different kinds of skin (oily vs dry)?

Anyone make it at home?

Thanks -


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Sugar or salt with a little bit of olive oil is the best exfoliator I have ever used. Since the granules are coated by the oil it doesn't matter which you use for dry or oily skin, but it is a a rough exfoliator so don't use it on your face, I would spend the money for a good exfoliator for your face.

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Thanks Michelle.

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Try warm brown sugar and honey. Microwaved for just a few seconds works but remember the sugar melts too.

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