Price of Wolf steam oven in US

fabbricFebruary 11, 2013

Can someone please tell me how much the convection steam oven costs in the US? The prices I'm getting quoted in Alberta/BC are $5000 which is more than I'm spending on the BS range and fridge combined.


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We got one quoted at about $3400 usd ouch!

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Thanks for the response katy-lou.

Grrrr. Time for a tax-free trip to Washington me thinks. Need to hit Nordstrom's anyway.

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I noticed they've gone up on the website. Used to be $3400, now around $3800.

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I went into the appliance store today and they are actually $5400. He said Wolf/SZ has a different price list for Canada and they will not lower their prices to US levels. CBC Marketplace ran a report just today on "Country Pricing"...markups of 10-132% for no truly justifiable reason. The retailers' hands are tied. It is so unbelievably frustrating to hear stuff like this.

Okay, rant over.


ETA: First world problems, I know.

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I got a quote for $4500 here in Ontario.

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Current MSRP for the US is $3,850.

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We were quoted $3,679 for the oven, plus $209 for a trim kit here in California a few weeks ago. You need a trim kit if you are stacking the steam oven over a 30" wall oven.

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Thanks for all the replies. We'll definitely go to Spokane or Seattle to buy the oven and maybe some of the other appliances as well. Any suggestions for stores in Seattle?

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I bought all our major appliances from Frederick's in Redmond, WA. Their pricing was very good. Our salesman has been very helpful working with Wolf to replace my oven after two and a half years. I hear that Albert Lee is another good store.

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Thanks kalapointer. I will check them out the next time I'm in Seattle.

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I'm also from Canada and it's crazy how much more we have to pay for items than our US neighbours. Augh!

Anyways, I'm currently in Asia and wanted to order the wolf appliances (several items) and no one would sell them to me online. I guess it's not news to everyone here but i couldn't believe how much control Wolf has on these dealers. They will only deliver within 150 miles. they can't ship them further and they can't sell them w/o actually being in one of their stores.... needless to say they can't ship to freight forwarders. in this day and age of internet shopping and all.... i couldn't believe it. i could purchase a $100k watch or jewelry online but not Wolf appliances. Anyway around this aside from taking a trip to the US?

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Bumping for current prices people have paid for the Wolf steam oven, the 24" wide with trim kit. Wolf only has the MSRP for the new 30" model that doesn't need a trim kit on their website.

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Albert Lee is a large local chain in the Seattle metropolitan area. The Seattle store is relatively small - better to go to Bellevue (just a few miles east of Seattle) where there is a much larger store. They seem to have competitive pricing for the Seattle area.

Almvig's in Seattle above Whole Foods in the Ravenna neighborhood is a small local store that carrys Wolf and might give more personalized service. Also competitive pricing.

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That's a lotta money for "Getting All Steamed Up" alto I do that with out the aid of a Steam oven~~~~I just read about Wolf/SZ prices and "Market Strategies"!!!

There are a number of posts in here, that "Claim the Results" of Steam ovens can be obtained by just putting a container of water in the bottom of a conventional oven~~~~why not try that first with your present oven.

To buy such things, at such outrageous prices, only "confirms to the manufacturer, (Wolf/ SZ)", that these prices and marketing schemes are "AOK", and with such inputs, do you think they are about to change them!!!!

It's bad enough that "Some of the Germans" rip us US folks off~~~~(check prices for "About the same Appliance in Europe) & then compare to what they are here in in the USof A or worse yet, in our Canadian Friends World!!

CAse in point, a tray for a Miele Speed oven, 45 pounds in Europe, but $150 or more in USA!!!

It's really bad when folks in our Own Country, (USA), do that to us, Ya thinks!!!~~~~Well I do, and it will be a "Non Steamy, cold day in (You know where), before you see such an appliance in my kitchen!!!


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I feel like such an idiot now! These oven manufacturers are con artists. I invested in a steam oven 7 years ago, and only now I'm finding out that I could have gotten the same result by putting water in a regular oven? I want my money back!

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hvtech - I think you watch too much HGTV if you believe the same results from a steam oven can be achieved in a regular oven with a bowl of water !

Not going to happen, sorry.

Fab - have you looked into an AEG steam oven ? I think those are available in Canada.

Folks - setting up a sales and distribution division on foreign soil is time consuming and very costly. That's just the initial capital and manpower outlay.

Ongoing _ you have to manage your supply chain logistics to keep enough stuff on hand to sell and service , yet not have too much inventory - or manpower on hand to drag down the balance sheets. You don't want 50 speed oven trays sitting around every month when you only sell 5 a year.

The most fun , is every year you get to play russian roulette with the currency markets just so you can square the $3,679 price of that steamie for the entire year. Add to that the uncertainty you are encountering on the variable shipping cost from Germany that happens over the year.

Then the tax guys get to have their fun to determine whether the profit is going to remain in Dollars or Loonies, or sent back and booked as Euros.

You guys should price out a Wolf range or Sub Zero at one of the high street shops in London !

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I was being sarcastic in response to the post above.

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Is there another steam oven on the market, other than Miele, that is less expensive? I was wondering if Wolf actually made this steam oven.

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Wolf contracts with a European manuf. for the steam oven. I think it's DeLonghi - but don't quote me on it !

I don't know of any built in steamers under Miele's $2500 price tag.

Actually - I think Viking is marketing SHARP's AX series steam oven from 5 years ago. A trim kit is certainly an optional xtra and I feel like I saw it at around $2000. Plus the trim kit , so $2500 at the end of the day to, I'd imagine.

FWIW - Sharp was charging around $999 for the same unit minus the dreamy Viking silkscreen.

If by less expensive you mean sub $1000 then this is you only bet:

Here is a link that might be useful: 299 and a bag of chips

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Thanks Xedos for that.
That was the point I was trying to make.

One of the posters that posted, "you could get the same effect as a steam oven by adding a water container in a regular oven", is one of our most talented cooks here in Garden Web, and as I recall, She cooks for a very large family.

But let's say that what they claim is "not so", We did a blind test between that which was cooked in a "real steam oven" and that which was cooked using the "water Trick"~~~~blinded folks actually tasted a difference, so we go to plan B, A real Steam Oven.

So we have a contest between the Canadian FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR WOLF, and the $999 Sharp.
Again we do a "Blind Test".
Do you really think folks will actually taste the difference???

You said it best, Xedos when ya said Sharp was charging $999 for the same unit minus the dreamy Viking silkscreen,
So why should we pay such a price for the
"Wolf Dreamy Silkscreen"????


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Gary - Viking has made a living ( maybe not a good one) since the late 90's charging for that dreamy logo !

Lots of people buy stuff cause it looks cool. Think about all the faux stainless "packages" that consumers and HGTV watchers snap up cause they think it's just like Viking, only cheaper.

And you know I'm no fan of Viking !

If that axiom was universally true, people would only buy kitchens and furniture at IKEA and Rooms to Go.

Now , to answer why someone might pay the Wolf freight for their steam oven over say the Viking: They want to say they have all Wolf appliances. They might appreciate the build quality of the Wolf over the Sharp sourced model which is a tad flimsy feeling. They might prefer to deal with Wolf's top notch network rather than Viking's constantly changing structure and the new owner's trying to figure out their own identity.

Then again, people might not want any of that, or want it enough to pay the premium charged. Look at it this way- you coulda bought a GE Potscrubber for half what you paid for your Miele, or even got a Magic Chef dishwasher for not much more than a fancy bottle of wine. But you didn't. You elected to pay the hefty premium Miele charged over those brands because you valued something it had to offer over those two.

At the end of the day all three are tubs, that have a heater and a circulation pump inside them and some baskets to hold your dishes. They will all clean those dishes, and I'll wager your blind test panel couldn't tell me which clean plate came out of which dishwasher.

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I suspect you are correct about the DW's, Xedos.

I bought the Miele DW for one reason, The top rack for the silverware. I always hated those freakin baskets that held the utensils!!!!

To be honest, it probably does not clean the dishes any better than the old KA I had, (both cleaned/clean well), and it would take a lot longer, except I use the "short cycle" which takes about 45 mins, which is about = to the normal cycles on the old KA.

So far, (and maybe somebody can "enlighten me", I can not find something that the Wolf Steam Oven does, that can't be done by another more reasonably priced device.

Only Miele had that rack back in 2006 and it was a "Must Have" for me, so all you Wolf Fans, What is the "Must Have" for that expensive Steam Oven? This is also directed at the OP, since it does seem to be a "Must Have" for them!


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