Silver jewelry and other pretty things

michelle_phxazNovember 9, 2010

Now BEFORE anyone flames me for being one of the spammers I despise, I will let you know that this IS NOT MY SITE!!! It is a seller in China, but because her prices are so cheap (and always free shipping) and the jewelry is actually very quite nice, I thought I would share. Plus, she writes the sweetest emails to her buyers in broken english to ensure your happiness with her jewelry.

Do your homework on me if you still think I am spamming, I have been here for years and am a "de-spammer", I am the one who puts the spam pics up on real spammer's pages.

Anyway, in this recession, picking up a few nice pairs of earrings or a necklace for less than $15 is a great gift to yourself or as holiday gifts so I thought I would pass it along. is her eBay store, my eBay username is princess_phones so you can look me up and see that that I am a buyer, not the seller, and see some of the pieces I have bought.

Anyway, hope this is enjoyed by all, I like to promote products I am happy with and believe in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jewel-Cathay's eBay store

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I love silver jewelry, her site looks nice. Thanks, you have just separated me from some more of my money, Michelle! But the prices look good and if the quality is there, it will be worth it. Besides, Christmas is coming up & I have some gifts to buy.
I love the spam overlays, but what can be done when the spammer adds to a thread already in progress? Thats been happening in the sewing forum a lot lately and THS isn't removing them even after we contact them about it.

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sorry for double post, our internet service has been acting up today.

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Jomuir, unfortunately I don't think you can't just nail one response as spam, and there is a lot of that on this forum too.

If anyone knows how to do "despam" just one response I would love to know too!

If this site would only do its job of listening to its members instead of adding more annoying ads and pop-ups it would be a terrific site.

Enjoy the jewelry, I just had to reorder a pair of hoop earrings from her because I lost the first pair on vacation, but for $3.91 or so it is so worth it!

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