Why would you do this to a coin...?

Fori is not pleasedAugust 21, 2010

Yes, I'm the one who once asked "why would someone paint silverware?. So now I'm asking why would you take a pretty worthless, though old, coin, and turn it into a...um, what is this? I think it's just another bit of decorative junk my grandmother picked up on a trip somewhere. She thought it was used for checking wine at a winery (someone must have told her that--she certainly wasn't in the wine business) but I don't think you'd do that with a nasty-tasting copper or bronze coin. So,

what is it!?? It's about 4" across and an inch deep.

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Well, it is in the exact form of a sommelier's tasting cup, designed to be worn on a chain. And a coat of silver plate covered the bronze or ? of the Napoleonic-era coin.

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A coin in the bottom of a sommelier's cup is traditional....don't know why, just that it is.
Ever been to a restaurant with a sommelier? They wear one, even if they don't taste your wine for you....theyw ear a tasting cup on a chain.

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Fori is not pleased

Grandma was right? Well then! I am humbled. One should never doubt one's grandmother! I will have to look into that coin tradition. It sure seems like a bad idea.

This is definitely NOT my area of expertise! Linda, I've probably been to a restaurant with a sommelier, but I must admit I don't tend to have wine at dinner so I missed the wine guy!

But I have my Halloween costume picked out now! Woohoo.

Thanks y'all!

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It's called a tastevin...see if it's marked.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: tastevin

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Linda--that sure looks similar (but with a nicer coin). I can't find any marks. I even polished it some. I didn't really want to because it looked like the plate was peeling off the snake's head but apparently it was dirt. The cup might be plate (and the coin is definitely plated) but the handle seems pretty darn solid.

The cup at the link indicates a mark on the handle but I can't find one. Hmmm

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