Hydronic or electric towel warmers

ontariomomJanuary 19, 2013

Hi everyone,

We will have hydronic infloor heat in our home under construction. We thought to have a towel warmers in a few bathrooms. I spoke to the infloor contractor today, and he said that to have hydronic towel warmers run 12 months a year we would need a special pump run to the warmers (I think he guesstimated $700/pump). We could of course have the hydronic towel warmers run without an additional pump during the heating season (Oct-March for our climate). Otherwise we could just go with electric towel warmers so the towels could dry/heat all year long.

For those of you who have both hydronic infloor heat and towel warmers, what did you do?



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I installed a Runtal Omnipanel.

Same reasoning. The RFH doesn't run all year long. And even in the winter, it doesn't run 24/7.

Most of the electric heaters are quite weak in the BTU outputs. The Runtal Omnipanel can actually heat an entire bathroom. It can be a room heater. A clothes dryer. A towel warmer.

There are other Runtal models, as well as other manufacturers, that make "real" towel warmers. But for our requirements it was the one that was the best choice.

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Hi MOngoct,

Thanks for your reasoning -- the electric seems like a practical choice. Glad to know you like your electric towel warmer by Runtal. I do like the idea of wet towels drying quickly in July when the infloor is not on. I sure don't want to pay the high cost for a special pump for the in floor just to dry towels in the summer.


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I find hydronic warmers very hard to use and to sustain. Opt for the electric warmers. They are much more practical.

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