Bare Minerals: Learning Curve?

CassandraNovember 21, 2005

Ok--I got sucked in by the QVC infomercial and bought the starter kit for Bare Minerals. I also bought the blush, "Lovely" (which really is lovely!). But I am having a hard time getting the hang of putting on the foundation, Warmth, and Mineral Veil. I seem to put on too much (too "made up") or too little (not enough coverage) and can't strike a happy medium. For you who use it, was there a learning curve? Also, I wonder if any of you mature types (I'm 49) find that it works on older skin. It seems like all the Bare Mineral models are very young and I just don't know if the "dewey" look Bare Minerals gives is appropriate. Finally, I don't think the foundation hides under eye circles. Should I buy the Bisque for this? Thanks for your help. I just invested some money in this and want to make it work!!

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I didn't use the Warmth, and I only use Mineral Veil on top of the foundation when I'm going out for a long evening or when it's humid out. So everyday I just use the foundation, or just the Mineral Veil, and a blush.

It took me 3-4 applications to get into a comfortable routine.

My skin is pretty good, and I don't find that Bare Minerals gives me a "dewy" look. It looks pretty natural. If you look too dewy - is your skin on the oily side?

I think some here have tried the Bisque for more coverage in areas, but I don't have experience with it.

One thing I've found after all these months using it is that my skin is in the best shape. No breakouts, comedones, oiliness, dryness - just great. Now if I could just stop gravity!

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I am 57 so I'm more mature than you are! It definitely took me a week or longer to get the hang of applying the right amount of makeup. I usually used too little and found I really need a heavier hand. I am very comfortable with it now, I'm on my second jar and I really like it. I went one shade darker with the second jar and that was an improvement also.

I was finding that it didn't cover enough around my eyes, by using their Kabuki brush. So, I use a small flat brush and just apply a little foundation (not bisque or any other different color, just the regular color foundation) where I need it - my eyes and on a blotch or two. (I kind of figured this out by accident when I bought a new eyebrow brush that I wanted and it had this extra brush in the package and I didn't know what I'd ever do with it, and now I just love it.)

I only use foundation, not warmth or mineral veil or their blush. Is it worth it to buy their blush?

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I'm 59 and I also love the make-up. I just use the foundation and also the warmth. Warmth is what my DD and I call the scary stuff. Don't worry if you get too much on, just use a bit more foundation to lighten it up. I find that it is very fast to put on. DD uses the mineral Veil because her skin is oily. I think it lasts longer that regular make-up. I will be ordering again and it has lasted about 3 months.

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I've been wearing it for about eight months now and I am still trying to decide if I like it. I will say right off that I love their blush and shadows. I haven't used their mascara, but I hear it is really good. I have sensitive lashes and eyes so I have stayed with what already works for me. I use the foundation and occasionally the mineral veil but they never have been as great as they are supposed to be. I have fine lines, big pores, redness around my nose and dry skin. I never have been able to get very good coverage. It absoultly inhances my pores and wrinkles regardless of how light or heavy I apply it. I also have the bisque, but I only like it on the occasional blemish and nothing larger. Be careful with that warmth, it only takes a speck on the lid of the jar for your whole face. It's too orange for me, I can't wear it. I think the make-up looks the best in photos, (when applied corectly) it really does filter the light nicely. I don't mind how I look from a distance, but I'm not impressed with how it looks up close. I never had much luck with liquid foundations either and was really hoping this would be the solution. I have a friend that swears by this stuff. It is quicker than liquid, but I don't think it is any better. At least not for me. By the way, even after all this time, I still have the same breakouts I had with other make up. My skin hasn't improved a bit. One of their products actually makes me break out, the skin rever-upper.

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P.S. I'm only 37 and I have NEVER been able to get that fresh dewy look they have on QVC. It always looks dry and flat.

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I'm still working with Bare Minerals, and I think I've hit on a good combination for me. My angst got much better when I realized that the Medium Beige foundation doesn't work for me (that's the one they applied in the makeover I had at Sephora, before I purchased anything). The Medium is actually lighter than the Medium Beige and doesn't give me such a "tan, made-up" look. I'm applying just a light coat of this, then using the Warmth as blush and it looks great on me. The Lovely blush I bought is also very nice, but not with the Warmth--it is a little more of an evening than day look. I don't like the eyebrow kit at all and swear, instead, by my old Victoria Jackson brow pencils. I am also still wearing a different cover for undereye circles (Clinique) because I can't get enough coverage with the Bare Minerals. Bisque is way too light for me. So--it is working, so far. I also like the Mineral Veil.

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When I was looking for new makeup, I saw their infomercial and then researched on-line. The best thing I did was wait until I could travel the 4 hours to a BE store for a makeunder. The makeup artist selected the right colors for me and the appropriate tools. I left the store with Fair, Bisque, True, (Warmth is too orange for my complexion) Mineral Veil, the Flawless Application brush, the Max Coverage Concealer brush, and the Tapered Blush brush. (Plus some eye shadow and a brush.) I've since added a Kabuki to the mix. And Clear Radiance. The artist tutored me in the proper application and I've been good to go ever since. (The MU artists at Ulta and Sephora don't always know the proper techniques with Bare Minerals.)

I love the Bisque for concealing. I make a 50/50 of Bisque and Fair since Bisque alone is a bit dark and apply with the Max Conealer brush. There are 2 other Bisque's now, so if Bisque is too light, the other colors should work.

Also buff it well. I think most people don't buff the makeup enough and are unhappy with how it looks. Buff like crazy. It doesn't buff off, it buffs in.

Try this on-line tutorial. It's picture intensive, so I hope you don't have a dial up connection. But pictures are worth a 1000 words.

Here is a link that might be useful: Applying Bare Minerals Tutorial

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I've been using BE for about 4-5 months now and I love it. I agree, if you have any opportunity to go to a BE store, do it! A consultant will help you match and apply perfectly. Go to their website and search for the closest store near you. Fortunately, I didn't have to drive too far!

It took me about 3-4 applications to figure out what looks good on me. I'm 35, have oily skin, fair, with some read undertones in my skin. I use "Well Rested" for under eye circles and "Bisque" as a concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and for any blemishes/uneven areas on my face. I then use the "Fair (1)" foundation, followed by the Mineral Veil. I use "Glee" for a blush and if you want to add that "dewey" look, use a small touch of "Glimmer" with your blush and on the raised points of your face (i.e. cheekbones, chin, nose, forehead. Not much "Glimmer," but just enough to give it, well, a glimmer. :-)

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Paloma, thank you for the link to the pictorial tutorial! I'm not really having any problems applying BE, but I've never seen the infomercials and I only went once for a demo, so its nice to see how its done.

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One thing that amazes me is how little of BE products you need to use. I suspect that the Warmth, Lovely blush, and glimmer eyeshadows I bought will last at least several years at the rate at which I use them--just a tiny amount!

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First of all, there are GREAT forums on Delphi ( which give lots of information not only on BE but also on other Mineral Makeups. Warning though, these ladies really know their stuff and it's easy to get sucked into their world and they do their best to enable. I should know, I've become one of "them". "Cult" would not be too strong of a word!

That said, there are lots of "tricks" for mineral make up (MMU). Read the link provided by Paloma2001 because it really is excellent. The other thing is to practice, practice, practice! In addition, the Bare Escentuals (BE) tools aren't that great quality and you can find others that are better, some mail order, some drugstore (Japonesque from Ulta is my fav but others include brushes at Target and CVS). I personally prefer to use a flocked sponge when applying my MMU (I use J.Lynne and Mineral Boutique). In addition, I use a silicone primer such as Pond's or Lumenere from CVS. Finally, some people create a "Mineral Veil sandwich" which consists of an initial layer of Mineral Veil, then the BE foundation, topped with Mineral Veil. That offers great coverage without being too heave.

Some have commented on the lack of a dewey look. A lot of that depends on the application technique and your own eye. What I mean is after you put on the BE, have your picture taken. I think you might be surprised at the amount of the "dew". That's the bismuth doing the shine and some really hate it! Some people find bismuth very irritating and some may find Mineral Veil irritating because of the cornstarch.

Finally, regarding Warmth -- if it doesn't work for you, don't use it, or if you have it, try it as a shadow (versitility is the halmark of mineral cosmetics). It's too muddy for a lot of fair people (I'm a BE 1.2) and you really don't need it. Although people defend it, I don't buy it when Leslie says "Warmth is not a bronzer". HUH???

Hope that helps.


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Paula, thanks for the advice. I've found that Warmth works very well for my skin tone (Medium), and I've decided it makes a great blush, eyeshadow, and lipstain (dipping a lipbalm into it!). It is odd that Leslie seems to warn not to use it as a blush or bronzer when everything can be used for multiple purposes.

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Paula, I have never used a forum quite like Delphi, I'm a little lost. I finally got signed-in and made my way to "Mineral Makeup Mania" what do I do ? I would like to read the post you suggested, how/where do I find " Paloma2001" ?


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First of all, yes, Delphi can be "a bit" daunting (sarcastic understatement) until you get used to it. Mineral Makeup Mania, Bare Escentuals Addicts, and BE Beautiful Cafe are great not only because of the content but also because the layouts are clean and easy to read. Just start reading the messages which are indexed on the left side of the page and you'll get the hang of it.

Regarding the tutorial, I was refering to the above posting from Paloma2001. The Bare Escentuals description is excellent but you need to scroll to the top of the screen to start it. I've repeated the link (thanks to Paloma2001 for the original note) below.

Happy mineraling!


Here is a link that might be useful: BE Application Tutorial

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Thank you, Paula. I'll give it a try.


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Marita, thanks for the tip about using Warmth and lipbalm. I tried it today and really thought it worked great.

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Something I read on another forum is to have separate flawless application brushes for warmth and for mineral veil. Otherwise, if you don't get all the warmth off the brush before applying mineral veil, you could look orangey all over. To test this, after applying warmth, after I thought the brush was empty, I rubbed it on a tissue. Not only was it not empty but no matter how much I did it, still more warmth came out of that brush. So I went ahead and ordered a second brush so that warmth didn't share a brush with anything else. Mineral veil will have its own brush.

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If you ever get to stop in an actual store i highly reccommend it. They will apply your face for free and show you the correct brushes. I have been using BM for over 2 years and i noticed how they have changed the starter kit. They dont give the real good brushes anymore. The "Angeled Face" brush is the one you would use with warmth. Check the website for store locations. One just opened this year here in Wisconsin.

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Really?! I will have to keep that in mind. I do have a Sephora in my mall but no Bare Escentuals store nearby. My fear about being made up there is that they will try to sell me some other brand.

I bought my kit from I got a full-coverage kabuki (not the handy kabuki), a flawless application brush, and a concealer brush. So far I like them all but like I said I did just order a second brush so I'm not mixing the warmth brush with anything else. That stuff is so strong.

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I love the full coverage brush. The handy kabuki only does half the job. The flawless face i use with mineral veil. All my brushes are for different type products. I did have the chance to stop in a Sephora store just to check the prices. The women there seemed to not have very much knowledge on the product and application. I first found BM at the Mall of America. I found it in a QVC store. A women applied it for me but she wasnt really sure what she was doing. As i walked around the mall i found an actual BM store and they washed off what i had on and reapplied the product. She also showed me the correct brushes. I have worn it ever since. I dont know if your in the midwest but there is also a store at Woodfield Mall.

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I'm in Southern California, in Orange County. The nearest one is in LA, which is pretty far. Lots of Sephoras near me, but not Bare Escentuals stores. :(

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I realize I'm years late in responding to this buuut...In response to danihoney's post about the skin re ver upper causing a breakout. I've heard from many people that if you stick with it for a week or two your skin will be beautiful and you'll never look back, it'll be the softest, clearest it's ever been. It's cleaning our your pores, that's why you're breaking out.

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with all make up you need to use a good primer...especially for bare essentials makeup. i have been using this makeup for years and my mom also uses it...once you get used to starter kit then you can start adding to your collection... for older skin a sprinkle of water on your kabuki brush then swirl and tap in you bm foundation this will go on like a liquid foundation which is recommended for older skin. you can also do this with your concealer brush slighty wet it and with your foundation this will be your concealer. bare essentials do loads of blushes so pick your colour and use this on your cheeks with some water...cream blushes are best for older skin can also mix your blush with vaseline and this will be a lovely lipstick with a shine....i got the bare essentials away we glow set which has a lovely tub of turn on which is a highlighting powder...this is great for your inner eyelid and your eyebrow bone to lift your cant go wrong with bare essentials but you can add these tips to make this makeup work for you...

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You are right hiding is not the solution for dark circles, i would recommend you to use of OTC products such as eye creams or anti-aging cream that fights with almost all issues regarding under eye skin issues.

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