Would like info on my new old corbeille bed...

nitaannAugust 11, 2008

I just bought a old bed and I was told it was french from the 20s. Does anyone have any idea if this is true? It has nice floral carvings on the headboard and footboard as well as on the rails. The trim and rails are painted (even thought it looks like wood grain) and the center roses look like they have a little remaining gold paint on them with red paint showing where is has been rubbed. The veneer has a unique design with swirls in the four main section. Also, the bed is queen width but the length is 3 or 4 inches shorter. If anyone knows anything about this bed let me know!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed pics

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I don't have any information on the bed, except that I have seen it in auction brochures that are auctioning off contents of plantation homes in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Your bed is gorgeous and I can see you are proud of it. Who wouldn't be, I love it. I am leaning towards french antiques myself these days. However, I don't have many, your lucky.

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I do love my bed! My husband was concerned he wouldn't fit the length and teasingly I told him if he didn't I would just have to find a shorter husband! Luckily he fit. Anyway - I would love to know more about the bed. Looking online I haven't seen any that are exactly like mine. Usually they are upholstered and only curved at one end. I haven't located any marks on the frame so I don't know anything about it other than what the dealer told me.

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Still waiting for someone who will know something about my bed.....if anybody has any ideas let me know.

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The bed in my bedroom is an old demi corbeille, the headboard is not curved at all, rather high and has a rose motiff. Mine is older than 1920, and does not have the same style as yours, more Victorian than French styling. I have no clue on its value, have never thought to have it appraised and it appears to be cherry and not painted.

Wish I could help you but can't. The thing is, were you to buy a bed as lovely recently made, you would likely pay as much as you did for a vintage bed, unless it was extraordinary in some respect. Your's is very attractive.

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It looks like it could be a corbeille bed from the 20's....but it could also be older or newer or American made. There is no way to know those things from a picture.
It's beautiful! Enjoy it.
Linda C

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Are there "any" labels, markings or numbers on either the reverse side of the headboard, underside of the rails or underside of the headboard/footboard rail?

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I have a bed that is real similar to yours. And yes it is a Louis xv corbeille bed. I bought my bed in Europe from the original family. They said that it was bought in Paris, in the late 1800's. this type of bed was made in the late 1800's to the mid 1930's or so I was told. (most of the wood laminates were made in Paris) From what I have found the laminate ones like ours isn't really common. Mostly the upholstery ones are found.
One way to find out if its European/French is the size of mattress that fits it. I believe the American made ones were longer than the French beds. And the bed frame would of had to been modified to fit an American mattress. Please let me know if you have found anything else on your end.
Good Luck and its a BEAUTIFUL BED!!!

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