Japanese hair straightening

ocbirdNovember 25, 2003

I just had to share this with all of you who are tired of fighting with curly, weather-temperamental hair-- I had this done eight months ago and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. Worth every penny!

What joy not to have to do any styling except a comb out after the shower! What happiness to have sleek smooth hair that doesn't change a bit when i go out in the rain!

Just a couple of warnings: You can't do it if you've bleached your hair, be sure you get a stylist who is well trained since its very technical, AND be prepared to look like an egg for the first week until some of the body comes back...

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How often does it need to be redone?

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It depends on how fast your hair grows, and your hairstyle. The hair that has been straightened never changes, its just the new growth that has to be done.

I was able to go for 8 months before i did it again. In that time my hair grew about 6 inches -- most of the new growth blended well and i could have gone longer but my bangs were driving me nuts.

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I've had it done twice and will continue to get it done. However, my natural hair is more frizzy than curly or wavy. I still have to section it and "straighten" it as I blow dry it while pulling it straight with a brush. If I just let it dry, it's still just a mass of frizz. However, with JHS, it STAYS straight after it's blown dry and humidity doesn't make it frizz. I was hoping it would go from wet to straight on it's own but was disappointed it won't. Has anyone else had this experience with JHS and their hair? I'ms wondering if it's the product my salon uses and if there is a more effective professional product or process?

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Thermal reconditioning (Japanese hair straightening) can be very damaging to fine hair, fyi. An alternative is to find a salon that does relaxing... a less harsh process that gets rid of the frizzies but leaves some body in your straighter hair.

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My hair is fine textured-- and the treatment has left it very soft and smooth. I think so much depends on the skill of the technician -- its really a craft to do it properly.

Lov2Garden: My hair goes from wet to straight and shiny-- zero frizz -- without my having to do anything to it. It was VERY curly before the treatment, and frizz prone. Now i never get any frizz no matter what the weather. My stylist used the "Perfect Straight" system -- maybe its a more effective system?

-- at 11 mos and still lovin' it.....

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This is a really old thread, but why not build on what you've got?

So we have an endorsement for the Perfect Straight system.

The hairdessers around me in Michigan seem to all use Bio-Ionic. Does anybody know whether that system gives wet to straight and shiny with zero frizz?

I have wavy hair, fine textured hair which folds and bends easily. I often wake up with it bent out of shape. Do you wake up straight and shiny?

Has your hair stayed very flat and close to your head with little lift or bounce?

Do you have to blow dry?

I've seen some after pictures where there appears to be tiny little kinks in the hair, and not a lot of shine. Anybody had that result?

Thanks for any info you have.

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I have had mine done for the past 3 years and wouldn't have it any other way. I pay $300.00 every 9-12 months. Get out of the shower, comb and go. I used to spend 1 hour daily on my hair trying to fight the frizz, and now I spend 1 minute combing and let it airdry. Most amazing hair treatment I've ever had. It's also called Thermal reconditioning.

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