Dry cuticles

portwestNovember 7, 2009

Hi everyone,

I've been doing a lot of "hands on" work on my house and am really noticing how rough and dry my hands are getting, particularly the cuticles. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cuticle cream? I've been using Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream, and it helps, but I find it's so greasy that after putting it on, I can't DO anything --- paperwork, laundry, what-have-you --- without leaving greasy marks.

Just wondering what others might be using.

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Try putting the cream on at bedtime. I use the cuticle cream by Jafra Cosmetics. I bought about 3 tubes a few yrs. ago. not sure if they still make it or not, but it works for me.

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Ah, good idea, Hellokitty! I'm not sure whether Jafra is available in my area, but I can try putting on my cream at bedtime. It had occurred to me to do that, but I was concerned about leaving "greasy spots" on my bedding --- but now that you've given me the idea, I realize I could get a pair of cotton gloves to keep that from happening.


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I know the greasy marks are annoying; I use those cotton gloves after putting cuticle oil and a heavy hand creme, I massage my hands well and the gloves absorb some of it.

Crabtree and Evelyn have a scrub that leaves the cuticles soft, it's called Hand Recovery, and comes in different essences.

It's an endless battle trying to keep my hands and cuticles moisturizing.

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Portwest, I put vaseline on my hands and then put on the cotton gloves. Vaseline works for feet, too - keeps them soft.

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I loveeeeee this stuff! I keep it in my purse and it has a little brush so it is not messy. I put it on the the car, waiting rooms etc etc. It's smells good too! You can get 3 and four packs on sleezebay for 20ish dollars!

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I have a sephora pen with a brush tip that dispenses cuticle oil. Will look for the Opi one also.

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Well, I hesitated to post about this, because of the spam (above), but I found a cuticle cream I really like, so I thought I'd follow up and share. Somebody told me about http://www.isabellacatalog.com/ so I ordered their nail and cuticle therapy balm. I *love* it. It smells heavenly and even though the winter cold has been rough on my skin, the dry cracks in my cuticles are gone. Anyway, just wanted to share in case anyone else has this problem.


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Were you suggesting my post was spam? I have been on GW a long time. I was a regular on the Home Decor forum a while ago. Not recently. I guess my excitement came off as spam? LOL. I just really like the product. I am hoping mitchdesj sort of remembers my username from way back. Sorry if anyone thought I was a spammer!

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Hi Summiebee,
I'm sorry --- I *did* think your posting was spam, because of your enthusiasm and the URL. If I had bothered to check your profile before posting, I would have seen that you've been here awhile. My mistake. I apologize.

I understand being excited about a product that works and wanting to share. I feel the same about the Isabella stuff, because it's made such a difference. It's a shame that there seems to be so much spam in the forums lately, so occasionally when members enthusiastically mention a product that works, my internal "spam detector" has been wound too tight and I end up with a "false alarm"!

Again, Summiebee, sorry about that.

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Hi Summie, yes I remember you !! that opi pen looks amazing, am going to try and find it.

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That OPI pen does look interesting. Got to find one of those. My cuticles have turned terrible this winter and my nails have all broken because of dryness.

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This makes it easier for all of us.

Here is a link that might be useful: OPI Oil Pen

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No worries Portwest. I am just a huge fashion and beautycare junkie and when I like something I get all excited to share!
Another one I like for at home is Solar oil. I think it may be salon only? My manicure girls gets me the big bottle that she uses for a deal, but you can pick it on on Ebay as well. It is really nice too. I use that when at home and the OPI pen on the go. Keep the OPI pen in your handbag in your cosmetics pouch rather than your car when it is hot out or ummmwelll...it sort of just spews everywhere! LOL! Ummm don't ask how I know! LOL! I think the tube getting warm does it.
Check out the solar oil for sure though. I caught my husband putting it on by the computer the other day. LOL. The OPI stuff is my on the go product. Solar Oil at home.

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I use cuticle oil - Beauty Secrets Nail Matrix from Sallys Beauty Supply. I think they are a local company, but if you looked for a cuticle oil with vitamin A in it, you'll have good results as Vit's A & D are the only two vitamins that can actually be absorbed by the skin. I use it primarily at night, but keeps my cuticles smooth and healthy looking. The reviews of the product claim that it helps dry nail polish really fast, but I don't know if I necessarily agree with that. As a cuticle conditioner specifically, I'm happy with it.

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