Anyone good at translating?

valmont325August 18, 2012

I have an Old library type steps that converts into a chair and this is what is wrote on it.(See photo) if i am correct it is german? and the last part i think says "Fall down" but every translation site tells me other things. So i shall leave it in your good hands. Thanks!!!!

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Metal drop down case

Metal drop down frame

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Thank you. Weird, because its not metal. Its wood.

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I thought it might be Plats-Deutsch for something like - little steps means no falls.

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I agree....I think it's Dutch.

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Well, you have that upper board obscure the letters.

Lischen Fall Net Runter (it's dialect, Hessian or a Southern German dialect)

Lischen (Little Liz), don't fall off/down. Runter means falling down from something higher up.

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