Instyler Hair Straightener

melaniepNovember 15, 2008

I am STILL WAITING on mine. I ordered 4 weeks ago. I also opted for "express shipping". MISTAKE. I called two weeks ago, but I was given the "run around" about how I couldn't cancel my order because they were trying to bill my bank account. LIE. Two weeks later.....NO INSTYLER. I didn't use a credit card so I had to pay for the Instyler in full $119.00, plus $14.99 trial, plus $14.99 "express shipping". All total=$157.00. No biggie if it works.


ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! I am calling them on Monday. I am going to let them know I am filing complaints with all consumer watchdog groups I can find to let people know about my experience.

Hope this helps.

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Contact your credit card company and cancel the order. They will reverse the charge, no problem.

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I don't think she paid by credit card.

How did you pay? Did you just provide bank info so they could debit your account? I would check with your bank on how you could handle. You may also be able to check the consumer laws for your specific purchase. If items aren't rec'vd within a certain time, etc. I think you have the right to cancel your order (although it may be longer than 4 weeks); I'm sure you can find some info on line. You shouldn't have to eat $157, and reporting it to 'groups' will only take a lot of time and probably not do all that much. I'd stick with the BBB if you really want to file a formal complaint - but be ready to provide a lot of info.

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