Kalaga - Burmese embroidered tapestry

DistantViewAugust 20, 2012

The embroidered tapestry pictured in the attachment came down to my wife from her late mother, who purchased it during one of her overseas trips - probably 20-25 years back. Although we don't know very much about this piece, we have done enough research to determine that it is a Kalaga - a Burmese embroidered tapestry. The item is framed and is 60" x 60" in size. This item is located in Atlanta, GA.

We are moving across the country in a few months and do not think we want to transport this piece with us. We have three questions that we hope this forum can help us answer:

a) Can anyone tell us more about this piece -- or where we might go to learn more on our own?

b) What would be the best way to determine this particular item's value?

c) What would be the best way to sell this item locally once we have established an approximate value?

I will say that we've already examined the offerings of Kalagas on eBay and have visited such websites as http://www.tapestrypalace.com/ That research was somewhat interesting, but not altogether helpful. Our piece is considerably larger than the tapestries presented on those sites and it's particularly difficult to make a meaningful comparison of age, materials, condition and workmanship when simply looking at pictures on the internet.

I suppose what I really need to do is find a local expert who can view this piece directly and render an informed opinion on those aspects of the piece. Unfortunately, despite a diligent effort, I have not been able to locate such an expert here in our community. If the above questions cannot be answered here, I was hoping, perhaps, that someone on this forum might be able to provide a specific reference.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Here's a site with some for sale.

Here is a link that might be useful: All Kalagas: List View

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