are these companies for perfumes legit?

vieja_gwNovember 27, 2011

I have been searching for some perfumes x years ago & find some companies that still seemingly sell them. Do these companies actually sell the real perfume or are these copies some other company makes? was one I got e-mail from that supposedly sells some of the real bottles of the oldies. My all time favorite was from Alyssa Ashley 'Ambergris Oil' & supposedly got some of the original but when it came it was NOT the same at all... too 'musky'! Wonder if there are legitimate places to buy these 'oldies' & if they are no longer being made, where do they get them then to sell?

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Yes they sell the real thing. If you remember your favorite scent from many years ago, it's likely that it's not made the same anymore. If you read up on Ambergris oil, you will find that it comes from the whale and is not allowed to be harvested anymore (it's my understanding of it anyway) so they rely on a synthetic version so it's just not ever going to be like the real ambergris oil of many years ago. Also many many old fragrances are now being made by different companies and are reformulated and just aren't as good as they used to be. Sometimes this is because the old ingredients aren't available anymore or are too expensive to use anymore, sometimes ingredients are even taken off the market because they are found to be toxic.

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Thanks! I was just curious as the bottles of these oldies still look the same in the sale ads but wondered if the original fragrances were being made again... or if these are old bottles of the fragrances that were stored/kept somewhere or ??.

Yes, I understand the Ambergris oil was made from some kind of whale excrement that the whale left naturally in the ocean so the whale was not killed... only the excrement the whales left was harvested x the ocean. One place on a site had people supposedly selling portions of the 'real' fragrance & I did buy from them (once!) & it was AWFUL... not the same at all; a glass vial had something in it that supposedly was a portion of the real thing! So many of the newer fragrances seem so similar in aroma to me... not like the 'oldies' but 'goodies' that I remember!! My favorites -besides the all-time favorite Ambergris oil- are: Opium, Poison, Joy Patou 1000, Ysatis, Mitsouko, Amarige & Estee Lauder Youth Dew bath oil. I seem not to really favor ? any of the musk fragrances!I do find some of these still sold in our local Penny's store.

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