SW+SS skin whitening soap

carlittaNovember 28, 2008

Has anyone used this product? I ve been using this product for a while and I am quite pleased with it, but I couldnt find too much information about how safe it is to use.

The main ingredient is L Glutathione. It says it has something to do with vitamin c. Is that true?

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No clue.Where do you get this product? I wonder if it helps with redness from old acne?

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Carlitta registered TODAY and first post is about a miracle soap for sale.

The SS+SW website says that is it treatment for hyper-pigmentation and that it optimizes suppression of melanin.

There is research that melanin can be suppressed. I believe there is a prescription cream available for this. I would think that a cream would be more effective than a soap that washes off. Also L Glutathione is sold by prescription through doctors to be taken orally.

Google for their website to see what they say about it. Then Google for all the discussion boards talking about it. There are quite a few. The threads always start the same..............with a new poster.

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