Help identifying Tiffany Shade from old Hotel

tferrerAugust 19, 2014


I bought this lamp shade in a old Hotel auction. The other day was trying to sell it in a Garage Sale and a friend told me that was a good shade. So it wake up my interest to know more about it. It is very heavy and looks old but does not have any marks.

Any information about it is welcome!


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Carefully inspect ALL the metal, with a good light and a magnifying glass.

Often the shades have a tiny maker's mark somewhere, stamped.

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Might have just 3 initials LCT meaning Louis Comfort Tiffany. Probably on the metal somewhere but you have to use really good light & magnifying glass like lazygardens said. Look inside on the round small top piece of metal. He marked some in odd ways, may be sideways on metal.

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ok I will do that.

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