At Home MicroDermabrasion System

jbkiddNovember 14, 2006

Has anyone ever used one of these dermabrasion systems, I was looking at buying the Neutrogena one that they advertise.

How often can you use it and DOES it work??

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Hi there. I bought the Neutrogena, but am pretty disappointed with it. The cream smells terrible, and is hard to rinse off. They recommend to use it gradually. I started with once a week and then moved to 2 and then 3 time a week. I haven't seen smoother skin, and have since discontinued use. I would recommend to go to Sharper Image... they have a kit there that has different heads, and that actually spins around. I think that would be more effective for buffing... like a car polisher! This one just vibrates, and I don't think it is useful. My stylist said to stay away from Microderm abrasion, and to only use the Glycolic (not sure that's the proper name or spelling) acid treatment that she provides for 50 bucks a pop. I think a $126.00 bill is quite enough already thank you very much! I did get it one time and it nearly burned my face off. She is 57 and looks 25, so there may be something to that! Good luck with whatever you do!

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You can pretty much get the same results of microdermabrasion with a big $5 jar of St.Ives apricot scrub. For peeling, MD Forte Facial Cream III, for about $40 a jar, has 30% glycolic acid. That's as much as a light salon peel and the jar will last for months.

Or, do a search for recipes for homemade skin care creams and you'll discover that your fridge and pantry are full of good stuff for your skin, like lemons, grapes, milk, honey, olive oil, vitamin e, and the list goes on.

No amount of peeling will make a 57 year old look 25. I'd bet she's had a face lift or two.

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I use Philosopy - it is the best I've ever used - amazing actually.

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I too have tried Philosophy and thought it worked very well. Left my skin feeling very soft and smooth.

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Try the aspirin treatment. I also bought the Neutrogena kit, it works pretty good (I use it more like a scubber) but the aspirin mask one works just as well. Too bad I forgot about it when I bought my kit. As long as you have no aversion to aspirin (I use no name $3 for 200 tabs) crush 3-4 aspirins in a spoon add a little water to form a paste and scrub you face for a minute or so and then let it sit. Really good for oily skin.

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Physician's Formula mineral microdermabrasion is good and relatively inexpensive.

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When I retired, a friend recommended the beauty school close to my home. This is a great place to go for facials at a fraction of the price, and you get an entire hour of pampering! The students are excellent and overseen by expert supervisors.

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