Help me pick a gas range that isnt going to break the bank

Kristen HallockFebruary 15, 2013

I had my heartset on a 36" gas Wolf range. But I dont know if we should spend $5600ish on one. I also looked at BlueStar, but that is pretty much the same price. Just got a quote yesterday of $5600+ for the range, another $250 for the island trim and then the guy threw in a quote for a 36" Blue Star hood that was over $2200. Total with tax came up to $8800 and some change.

So back to the drawing board. I have a family of 4 (2 young kids). We do cook most nights, but its hardly anything fancy. I want a gas range with 6 burners. I want it to look nice. I like the look of Wolf and BlueStar. But I've also seen others like Bertazzoni that I could certainly live with.

Right now we are cooking on an old Jenn Air electric cooktop. from circa ~1993. It has coils on one side and a downdraft in the middle and a glass top drop-in on the other side. So probably anything would be better than that. I dont do that much oven cooking. Maybe a turkey, some baking like cookies and cakes and muffins. Mostly i cook on the burners. My husband would like to use a wok. I've heard the BlueStars are awesome for that, but for the amount that we would use a wok I dont know that we really need 22k BTU burners, especially at $5600.

The price on the Wolf or Bluestar isnt completely out of the question, but I think my hubby would be more comfortable spending less. Like maybe around $4000 on a range. and $1500 on a hood - is it possible to get something nice for those prices?

So I'd like some help with other brands that I should be investigating. I need something that works and cooks and isnt going to break and cost a fortune to fix i guess.

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NXR really has no competition.

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Kristen Hallock

What does that mean exactly? Are you saying NXR would be a good brand to look at?

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NXR costs about 3200, sealed burners and no self clean. Since you mentioned you do not bake much, it probably will do for you. Bertazzoni and Verona(around 3800). Frigidaire prof line is around 2200.
IMHO, I would recalculate the budget and get the wolf or bluestar that your heart is set on. Call Trevor Lawson @Eurostoves and explore other options. Look for display models, they are usually reduced. After conference with DH and your unable to comfortably justify the plunge, then NXR or Bertazzoni.
Don't get something you like, get something your thrilled with!

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The 36" NXR is available from Costco online and a number of vendors for $2999, delivered to your curb or garage.

There are numbers of very detailed threads here about NXR stoves. Most posters have the 30" models ($1999 delivered.) The difference between the 30" and 36" stoves is basically size: the 36" is wider, so it has two more burners and a bigger oven, as you would expect. The 36" can be had with four burners and a griddle or six burners. (Several of us NXR owners have commented that it would be far better to get the six burner model and buy a large carbon steel griddle which you use when you want one and remove when you do not. (Chef-King is brand most often recommended in the threads here.)

For a view of an installed 36" NXR see Alex Nerland's write up from Fine Homebuilding on a kitchen remodel in a Victorian house. The link is below.

The NXR uses dual-stacked (two ring) sealed Isphording burners. Same maker as those used on Wolf dual-fuel stoves and, I think, DCS ranges The burners sit in wells deeper than on major maker stoves, so spills rarely bake on. In turn, that makes the top far easier to clean than is common with major brand stoves.

Wokking? How wok-centric (or snobby) are you? If you are somebody who wants restaurant-style wokking, then many of us would say you should get a 50k propane-fired turkey frying stand and wok-out in the back yard.

If you are interested in the NXR, do a search here --- use the bottom of the page search box, not the top one --- and you will find a lot of very informative discussion.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alex Nerland's Bay Area kitchen with a 36

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