been ripped big time

bulldinkieNovember 23, 2013

My hubby wanted to surprise me for m be.l had wanted a chocolate diamond ring.we went to a few stores to what they store had a few lesbian diamonds.known for their chocolate diamonds.the lady said any problems at all .levlan will fix it free.we're talking almost a two thousand dollar ring.l liked had the ring maybe ten months.I was away one morning.this lady said I love your ring.she said oh on did you know the stone is I go back to Kay jewellers where we bought it.oh no lesbian isn't paying for's no a chochlate diamond.well I lost it by they were gonna send it to levian .I sent an email to levianexplaing how the woman lied and all and it needs fixed they're now saying it . Isn't even a cochlate diamonds they an emulated to talk.I get a call for nighttime dollars they'll fix evidently Kay jewellers did , it themselves.I now have s stone half dark brown half light brown.I sent email to Kay not satisfied.well send me store name where they are located.I did.second email asked same thing.third and fourth asking for same thingies me a break they are getting my email or they wouldn't answer me each time.I am so done with Kay desperation twice before you do your Christmas shopping there.I'm guessing the sales girl needed the sale huh to lie to me like that sorry typing this on kindle just learning.

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OK, what is a lesbian diamond?

Sorry, I really couldn't follow your post at all.

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Le Vian.

And it's a lesser quality diamond marketed big time.

Here is a link that might be useful: what is a chocolate diamond?

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OK, I was wondering if a lesbian diamond liked other girl diamonds or something.

Interesting how "marketing" has managed to turn a rejected diamond into a must-have by associating it with chocolate. Who doesn't like chocolate? But who wants to pay through the nose for an inferior stone? If you want a golden brown stone, topaz is far less expensive.

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