boyfriends receding hairline, what to do?

vacuumfreakNovember 16, 2006

Hello. My boyfriend is 23 and has a full head of hair on top, but it is receding in the front. He is very self conscious. I was going to get some Rogain, but it isn't for frontal baldness. He's tried Nioxin, Rejuvxx, and Procerin to no avail. Is there something that works on frontal hair loss besides surgery? Are there any foods that help with this... any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Have him ask his doctor about Propecia. I know two men who have been taking it with very good success in filling in that receding front hairline!

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There is a great book I'm reading called "Body Reflexology", (can be found at Amazon) it mentions message techniques, herbal remedies, etc. I myself have hair that doesn't grow far past my shoulders and with certain messaging around my head now my hair's growing faster and longer. I believe a lot of the book's techniques work, bonus is that it's all natural.

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congratulate him. baldness is related to excess testosterone. I tell my bald husband he is too sexy !!

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I was losing a lot of hair for the past eight months and I looked into many different causes - food allergies, stress, hormones, etc so I did my best to modify and with not much luck so I started looking at the ingredients in my shampoo. In my case I was also getting dermatitis. Anyways, I changed my cleansing habits. I apply coconut oil or castor oil to my scalp and massage my scalp and keep it on overnight. I also started to use Dr. Bronner's soaps (which I love, love, love now) on my face and in place of shampoo. It's pretty strong and leaves a build up so usually wash my hair again with an organic shampoo (no parabens or SLS - I think SLS is the biggest culprit with me) and just condition the ends of my hair and don't let any get onto my scalp. I think I am sensitive to a lot of products and they really clog my pores. My moisturizer is plain old coconut oil and Penaten (diaper cream) for any blemishes I may get. I used to lose handfuls of hair in the bath/shower and then more when I dried my hair and now I love 5-10 hairs max since changing my routine. All the hair I lost is coming back too!

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