texasgirl54November 4, 2007

For the upcoming holidays im looking for a change in


I want clip on extensions.

My hair is very short and i want/need something different.

I'm sick of the same old thing.LOL

Will the clip on hold on short hair??

Any tips?

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I have had clip in highlights before. They stay in pretty well I guess as long as you arent running or dancing wildly or something and flinging your head around,LOL.

Have you tried clip on ponytails? They come in all different sizes and styles too. Since my hair is on the shorter side right now,I wear them often when I get sick of my style. It's such a fun way to have instantly long hair.
For more info about extensions you could try this website:
Hairboutique.com. A lot of the ladies there on the forum have excellent knowledge of extensions and links to places that sell them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair boutique

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You're welcome.I hope you find some helpful info on that site. Many of them have told me you can even make your own clip in extensions simply by sewing hair to clips.Good luck!

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The best clip in hair extensions are at Garland Drake.com
Natural hair. Good colors and great customer service.
I have been wearing them for years! Have ordered about 5 sets over the years.

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