ID help Please--Churn??

cpackjrAugust 12, 2012

This item is 20 inches tall, 10 inches wide on top and has a very glossy glaze and has a couple of flaws that are glazed over on one side. The picture shows a lip in the top opening about the same size of most churns. There are no markings on it anywhere. Is it a churn? Or some other type of crock? Thanks for any help

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The interior lip suggests a lid. You didn't mention one. Butter can actually be made in any type narrow crock, so I dunno. I churn butter but my crock churn is more traditionally shaped, not cylindrical. I'm a crockery nerd, and can't say I've seen one just like this. I doubt it's a kraut crock because the interior lip would prevent you from weighting down the cabbage over it's entire surface. Might even be an umbrella stand. It's the right size.

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Certainly not a churn....20 inches tall? I would guess an umbrella stand...or perhaps a vase!...Does look like it was expecting a lid but perhaps that helps keep the umbrellas or flowers upright.
Linda C

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Linda, I've been churning butter for years with a fourteen inch tall crockery churn. It makes three pounds at a crack.

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It wasn't the height that said "not a churn"...but the height said "umbrellas"..
Not saying it's Red Wing....but I do think it's an umbrella stand.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: redwing umbrella stand

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It's exactly the right size and shape for an umbrella stand. However, even though it makes sense to have that interior lip to hold stuff upright, it's absent in all the umbrella stands I have seen from all the famous local art potteries. I also think that's the best bet so far.

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